How to build a peacock of the modules ?

You will need:
  • peacock
  • modules
  • hack
# 1

can use paper of different colors and shades to build a peacock.Importantly the amount of paper required.The calculation if a single sheet 32 ​​can receive the module, it will be necessary just 34 A4 sheet of paper.First how to collect the peacock of the modules, it is necessary to make the modules themselves.

# 2

From this amount of paper they should be able to 1088. The case is of course time-consuming, but it's worth it.First, you need to start with a peacock feather.Begin to do with two modules, increasing in each row one, and so the 7-series.Then reduce the number of each per module in six rows.You will need 11 pieces of data.That solved the problem of how to make a peacock feather.

# 3

In order to make the procurement of stem, you need to take five pieces and add them to the middle of the 6 modules, building legs.The two feathers need to add short legs, and the other two must be longer than 2 module.For a longer pen to 4 modules.Af

ter the feathers are collected with legs, you need to take the shortest pen and attach one of the deferred blanks.Then it joins the second pen is slightly longer, and so on all the blanks are joined in this order.At the bottom you need to add more modules to connect feathers together.This is the guide of how to do the peacock's tail.

# 4

Then collect wings, torso, head and neck, the peacock of the same modules in different colors.To gather the peacock should carefully without haste to nothing to confuse.All this is connected together and obtained a great example of how to make crafts peacock and remain satisfied with the work done and the results obtained.

# 5

It remains to note just how blind peacock.Children will be delighted by this exciting experience.Sculpt peacock is much easier said than done of paper modules, so deal with that even a novice.To do this, you will need only plasticine of different colors.At first molded body, then the head, after which the most interesting - it is the tail that is a different color from clay made droplets adorning it.