How to restore the work book in case of loss ?Restoration work record card in case of loss

How to restore the work book in case of loss ?Restoration work record card in case of loss
You will need:
  • Sheet and Statement handle
  • lot of free time
  • Patience
# 1

Probably many familiar with this situation, when the hustle and bustle of life lost documents.The situations are different - this can happen when you move to a new place of residence, can pull documents out of the bag, etc. There are some documents that are not needed in my life at all, but there are very important, such as employment history...

# 2

Everyone knows that in the workbook Set the whole life experience of a person - it is like a second autobiography, which can tell a lot about a person - what he did, what specialization and what kind of experience in a particular field or more.Therefore, the loss of employment record bears not a small problem - a new job will be difficult to find without it.In order to restore it will have to run.But how to restore the work book in case of loss, and is it possible?

# 3

With a little work experience, employment history if lost, how to restore it should not be

difficult.That is, if at the time of loss of company or organization still functioning, you should just go out there and write an application addressed to the management to issue certificates of seniority.But what if a person has a rather big experience, and he's over the years several times changed his place of work, if that organization no longer exists?

# 4

Usually there is a city - the main archive, as well as the district archives.There will need to write a statement to the data itself, and particularly for a period of looking for information, and the name of the organization.The archive may be asked to wait a week or start looking right away - everything is dependent on the specifics of a particular file.If the response from them is positive, it can be assumed that the person lightly.It will only apply to a local newspaper ad about the loss, wait, when it will be released in a publication to bring receipt, together with the newspaper, and to receive a duplicate of the work book.

# 5

If there is data on the length of service is not there, it will be necessary to recall, at the time of the work to which area include one or another company and go there.there recovery procedure is the same as in a city archive provided that the data will be found.If a person does not remember where he was working, you will have to travel all the archives of the city and hope that somewhere in his work preserved data.Complexity is still that did not exist before computers and the information stored in the past years in paper form.

# 6

by law in the archives of the information must be stored for more than 60 years.But according to the law!In reality, things are not as rosy as we would like, and there are some pitfalls..But in any case, to restore the work book must try.From the foregoing, it is clear that carries a loss of employment record, how to restore its no question, if you carefully apply to such important documents.Store they should be in a safe place!