How to restore the suede shoes after the rain ?

How to restore the suede shoes after the rain ?
You will need:
  • Suede Shoes
  • Water
  • ammonia
  • Gasoline
  • eraser or sandpaper
  • Bleach
# 1

Some like suede shoes, and some of her dislikedue to the fact that she was troublesome to maintain.Many people think that it wears out faster or that you can not walk in it in rainy weather.There are people who did not follow this opinion and happily wear it even in slush.In fact, if you know all the subtleties of care and how to restore the suede shoes, do not be too hard to always look at it carefully.

# 2

Suede shoes come in different colors.But any color shoes restored.Defects on it may appear different, and this depends on what needs to be done.But in any case to start any suede shoes should be clean, dry cheek.Absolutely can not be cleaned with a damp cloth or chamois other objects immediately after the streets, as the dirt in her vestsya.

# 3

For example, if the white suede shoes and it appeared dark spots, it is necessary to know how to whiten your shoes.Incorrect operations can com

pletely ruin it.For a start it must be thoroughly dried.Then, after the dust cleaned with a stiff brush, make a soap solution with the addition of a pair of drops of ammonia.Brush dipped in the solution and begin to lightly clean the spots and contaminated sites.After all these manipulations of the solution to be rinsed under running water.Then dry well.Incidentally, the same solution can be cleaned with any color suede shoes, and the whole process is the same as with white suede.

# 4

Sometimes after wet cleaning outsole may deviate from the base shoe, and many do not know how to glue shoes in such situations.In fact you can use any shoe glue, which are sold in the store.Glue the sole is necessary when it is completely dry.There is also another way on how to clean white shoes, it needs a little bit of bleach diluted in water and wipe the stain.If your suede shoes appeared zalosnivshiesya or grease stains can be cleaned it with a cloth slightly dampened with gasoline.When gasoline is applied, it is necessary to pour on top of talc and give a little stand.Then, you need to go well with a stiff brush and rinse with running water residues.

# 5

If the nap on suede hurting a bit, it can be rubbed with fine sandpaper or a simple school eraser.The brown shoes made of this material is easy to clean the ground coffee.And not need anything wet - dry clean everything.Then, just shaken off the remnants.How to clean suede shoes to learn much easier than to learn how to sew shoes.But after reading these simple tips you'll want to know the answer to this question.In fact, in the wardrobe of every person to be suede shoes, because it is very elegant and rich look, and is also suitable for any other thing.Another important advantage is its convenience and comfort - this soft shoes and feet in it much less tired.