How to make a box office report : recommendations

How to make a box office report : recommendations
You will need:
  • Checkout
  • Computer
  • Accountant
# 1

Today, there are lots of different reports that require proper design and timely delivery to the appropriate authorities.How to make a box office record?All companies engaged in cash transactions over the counter, are obliged to observe cash discipline, that entails drawing up the cash report.Box office report can be compiled manually (this requires laced and numbered cash book) or in electronic form, printed on a sheet of paper (1C program or other specialized program).

# 2

mandatory requisites cash report is the date, the serial number, business name and name: the employee who made the report.The text of the report, the cash is transferred to the list of credit and debit transactions for a certain period, necessarily indicate the beginning and end of the period.To cash report attached primary documents confirming the fulfillment of economic operation.

# 3

According to the results of each reporting period (quarter, year) in all

enterprises engaged in economic activity for preparing financial statements.How to make a financial report?The financial statements can be made, either manually or electronically by means of specialized programs.It specifies the name of the company, its details, postal address.

# 4

tables filled as follows: in the graphs of figures recorded at the beginning and end of the period confirming entry general ledger in the relevant accounts.A prerequisite of the balance sheet is the equality of assets and liabilities.Otherwise, the compiled report is incorrect.All financial reports must be signed by the head and chief accountant.

# 5

How to pass a zero report?First you need to apply to the tax office about average statistical number of employees to fill in a declaration for the unified tax, we must not forget about doing the book accounting of expenses and income, it is better to do it with the help of special programs.For reporting need advice on how to make a report in Excel.It is necessary to create a template for the report, then the work will be easier, but still need to pick up a harmonious color scheme that the report was not very bright.

# 6

Each business transaction is fulfilled in the account with the help of a trade report.There is not that simple, create a trade report.At the beginning of a trade report must specify the details of the material responsible person, then you need to make a table that specify the date, number and amount of goods, the level of accounting, calculate the amount of parish funds