How to transfer money from your phone ?

How to transfer money from your phone ?
You will need:
  • cell phone
  • money
# 1

typical situation in modern life: on the cell phone balance is no money, because they have come to an end property, and in mostinopportune moment.And at this moment an urgent need someone to call or send sms to report important news, valuable information, it is necessary to solve a question of urgency.In the courtyard of the evening, and even late at night.Stores do not work.Before the terminal to go far, and the weather can be different: rain, thunder, hail.But on the balance of a friend or a relative at the moment a lot of money and he does not mind sharing.The question arises: how to transfer money from phone to phone?For this there are many different ways depending on the mobile network (Biline, MTS, etc. megaphone. D.), And the compatibility of mobile networks the sender and recipient of the money transfer.

# 2

Transfer money from your phone to your phone is as follows.To transfer money from Beeline to Beeline, the sender of funds need to dia

l the phone the following combination: * 145 * recipient's phone number * amount # transfer in rubles.The subscriber number is entered without eights.After that will come a message from the Beeline, which is the code for transfer confirmation.To complete the operation you need to dial the code, and press the call button.In the event of a successful outcome of Beeline will report about it in the SMS, which will provide a phone number of the recipient and the amount of money translation.The only caveat: to send the balance after the transfer must be at least 66 Russian rubles, otherwise the translation will be carried out.This service called Beeline "Mobile transfer", with an important advantage is the complete absence of commission for payment transfer from one phone to another.The Commission will be charged only if the sender's currency tariff and tariff currency does not match the recipient.The amount of commission in this case will be equal to 5 rubles for each successful transfer.

# 3

How to transfer money from phone to phone subscribers of other networks, such as MTS?The scheme is similar to the action of Beeline, just use different numbers and codes.In order to transfer a cash payment MTS subscriber, the sender has to dial the following combination: * 112 * phone number of the subscriber who made the money transfer * transfer amount in rubles #.Also, as in the Beeline, the recipient's number is dialed in the 10-digit format, without eights.Then comes a text message with a code confirming the transfer payment.We can only dial the code scheme * 112 * code # and press the call button.Also, there is another way to transfer money.To do this, type a text message to the service number 9060 with the phone number of the destination subscriber, space remittances.In response to this SMS message will come, which will contain the code.It must be sent to the number 9060. The nuances: it is impossible to translate more than 300 rubles for one transfer, you can not transfer money to the subscriber of another network (eg, Beeline, Megafon, etc...).

# 4

Translation from phone money as possible and for subscribers of different networks, such as MTS Beeline, or vice versa - with Beeline, MTS.For this money the sender is required to dial the combination * 133 * amount of money transfers in rubles * recipient phone number #.Note that the phone number of the recipient is entered through's seven.After that come to the sender SMS message with an individual code.His need to dial to complete the transaction by the scheme: * 109 * code # confirmation of payment.After successful payment to the sender comes SMS-notification.The only caveat: for this service with the sender removed the commission in the amount of 5 rubles, that is going to transfer money from one network subscriber to another network subscriber's balance...

# 5

The question is how to update your account with the other party's phone is not a problem for subscribers MegaFon network.But here the same procedure more complicated.To replenish the balance of the subscriber at the expense of the other will have to connect them both free service "Mobile transfer".To do this, each should send SMS to short number 3311 with the text 1. After that, the balance should be no less than 55 rubles.(Ie. A. The transfer is removed 5 rubles).Accordingly, it is possible to transfer the amount in excess of 55 rubles to the sender balance.Next, the sender has to dial a combination of characters * 133 * amount of payment in rubles of the recipient * phone number # and press the call button.Soon on the number of the sender will receive an SMS with a verification code.Typing it, the sender completes the operation money transfer.Do not forget that this service can be used no more than 3 times a day, 10 times a month.