How to calculate holiday period if it falls on a public holiday ?

How to calculate holiday period if it falls on a public holiday ?
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payments on holiday can be calculatedindependently.How to calculate the period of leave, consider an example: The average wage (per day) * (the number of days of leave) The average salary is calculated for one working year by the formula: the amount of charges for the year / 12 / 9.6.Example of calculating vacation pay: The salary worker is 55 thousand rubles a month, but it worked out just 10 months and applying for a full vacation.Calculate the daily average your earnings: 55,000 * 10/10 / 9.6 = 1858 (rub.).Holiday are: 1858 * 35 = 65030 (rub.).

# 2

Employers have the right to establish additional leave for their employees.Additional leave is granted in the following cases: if the employee works irregular hours, and if the employee is working in hazardous working conditions.Holidays last for two weeks, if the emplo

yee has worked in hazardous work month is added to the release of one day for each month of work in hazardous environments.If you were sick, then subtracts one day.How to calculate the additional holiday Additional holiday is: Average earnings * number of vacation days.

# 3

Also besides the basic and additional leave to workers may be granted educational leave for the preparation and delivery of tests and examinations, preparation and defense of the thesis.How to calculate the educational leave, consider the following example: Example: Employee training is provided otpusk- 30 days.Estimated period-12 months, the expected period the employee has worked completely.The salary is 20 000 rubles.per month.Daily earnings will be: 20000/12/12 / 9.4 (the average number of days in the month) = 4111 rubles.Calculate the earnings for the entire period of study leave 30 days: 4111 rubles * 30 days = 123 330 rubles.

# 4

Leave is granted to each employee each year, but if the employee goes on vacation, he put the payment or if the employee is dismissed.How to calculate the compensation for leave, you must know the following parameters: the number of days of unused vacation;the average daily wages of the employee.To calculate the number of days of unused leave, define the length of the employee, and the number of calendar days used vacation.Determine the number of unused vacation days per year: Number of unused days = 28 days / 12 months.* Number of complete exhaust * actual days worked.

# 5

In calculating compensation for neotgulenny vacation is necessary to calculate the average daily wage.To calculate the average daily wage, determined by the amount actually assessed employee wages for the billing period and divide it by 12 months and the average monthly number of calendar days (9.4) (ch. 4 of Article 139 paragraph 1 and TC n. 10 of the Regulations on the order of featurescalculating the average wage, approved by the RF Government decree № 922 of 4.2. 2007).Average daily earnings = amount of payments / 12months.* 9,4Esli worker was on sick leave, in the next vacation, on leave for a sick child, and so on. E., Its calculated period is not fully spent.

# 6

Average daily earnings = payment amount / number of full months worked * 9.4 + number of months not fully exhaust / 12months.* 9.4.If the months worked out completely, then the formula is: the product of the number of months (9,4).Not completely spent months are calculated separately.For each incomplete month we take the number of working days divided by the number of calendar days in the month and multiply by 9.4.The employer is obliged to pay compensation on the day of the dismissal, or not later than the next day.