How to record a music album ?

How to record a music album ?
You will need:
  • set your own tracks
  • Well equipped studio
  • equipment for recording
  • license for release of the album and its sale
# 1

If you seriously conceived releasealbum, be prepared for the fact that this it will take a considerable amount of time.Independently make a product to sell, you can, but it requires a significant cash outlay.On average, out of 50-60 rubles per disc, provided that the circulation is not less than 500 pieces.

# 2

To start with the tracks that will be included in your album.Do not forget that the perception is also affected and their sequence.Distributed tracks in the correct order, start recording.

# 3

If you decide to do their own album, you have to learn a lot of literature on relevant programs and data mastering.All information can be found in the user manuals or on the internet.Keep in mind, the development of programs - a long and painstaking process.

# 4

Himself perform such volume of work is very difficult, so budding artists often use

the services of the record companies, mainly due to the mastering and information.If you have a sufficient amount of money - feel free to contact the studio.

# 5

information or mixing - the creation of individual tracks end recording.At this stage, and finishing recording (overlay sound effects, set the volume of the parties).For this purpose, a large number of programs.

# 6

Mastering - is preparing to release a track on any of the carriers.Be careful, because of how you prepare this or that track to be released, it depends on the sound of your players in the audience!

# 7

When all recording processes come to an end, it's time to think about the design of the cover of the disc.Well, if you have friends designers: they will help you to develop models and covers the inner parts of the disc, as well as print advertising booklet (if necessary).If among your friends there are none, please refer to the help of freelancers.

# 8

After you finish working on a "pilot" drive, it's time to start replication.This is done by specialized companies.If your city does not have those, do request for a similar production in neighboring towns over the internet.

# 9

Get ready for this: the main problems associated with obtaining licenses and searching your disk sales channels.The distribution network includes various music stores.The best option in this case - to apply to the record companies, because they have everything they need, including extensive distribution channels.You will agree that this should be done by professionals!

# 10

Be persistent - and the world hears you!