Smart guy knows how to make a robot out of LEGO

Smart guy knows how to make a robot out of LEGO
You will need:
  • Lego
  • Details
# 1

For more than 64 years old Lego toys are favorite desktop not only many children but also adults.Very quickly, children collect everything that exists in the default application for instructions Lego - it's numerous turrets and machines, then each child begins to develop imagination and he is drawn into the creative process - independently creates new designs and new models of Lego bricks.With the advent of the child in the home of Lego I have no interest in how to make a robot out of paper, much more interesting to make a robot that could move out of Lego blocks.Every smart guy can find a way to create a robot from Lego.Consider some of them.

# 2

Before you make a robot out of Lego at the simple scheme, it is necessary to decompose the dates in the details, which will require not so much - about 40-: First of all, from the small square and oblong flat partsLego is necessary to collect the body - the body of the robot.Further, attached to the housing

of the assembled hand movable elements and parts forming the head.The lower part of the robot trunk is collected separately so that the legs are movable - for this securing them to the sides of the lower body.Now the robot is ready and able to move!

# 3

In fact ways how to make a robot at home very much.You can collect the robots from Lego using a small number of parts, but if pieces of Lego enough, you can create a design more impressive sizes using the electric motor from broken or disassembled toys.If used instead of the lower part of the torso of the robot body stand on wheels, you get a real fighting robot.Today, a lot of guys - fans of Lego robots combine to create circles for Lego-robotics, where the collected complex models of robots and equipment from the elements using a programming Lego.Work such robots started in the circles of robotics on the IR channel, and if you use the new version, by using Bleutoothili phone based on Android.

# 4

Any guy knows how to draw the robot and make it a very simple model, but to make the robot with their hands, so that he moved and managed with the help of modern technology can only smart guy!

# 5

for collecting complex model the DIY: Robot-tank with the base of the smartphone on Android OS is required: Collect from Lego tank razmera.2 average.The assembled tank superglue to fix the gearbox.Make room for the board.Install the compartment where the battery will be.Set in accordance with flowers EMGRobotics ADMCB wires.Make a small hole for the output wires at the top.Assemble the plastic case - Holder for Smartphone.Using your phone to install the program - RFO BASIC (it is freely available on the Internet).RFO BASIC used as a remote control tank.With features modern technology smart guy easily from Lego gather intelligent robot!