How to apply for a vacation guide , sample

How to apply for a vacation guide , sample
You will need:
  • Read the instructions
  • handle
  • Paper
  • Computer
# 1

If the organization does not have the staffing, according to which is determined by the order of leaveor if it is, but for some reason the holiday period is not appropriate, and there is a need to change it, you should write to the chief or Acting chief of the statement.The application must be made in the format of a request for an ordinary or an extraordinary vacation.

# 2

now on general principles, specifically in how to write an application for leave (once).The application is supplied in writing, it will be easier to write it by hand, but you can print on your computer.You take a piece of paper.In the upper right corner to write, in whose name the application is supplied indicating the position of the person in the organization and the name of the organization (as an example, "Director General of OOO" Company "Ivanov AA), as well as from whom comes the statement (by Ivanovpp.) Further, approximately in the middle

of the sheet -.. the word "declaration" on the next line to write in what time we would like to get a vacation, as well as the grounds on which it is required to provide ( "please give me time period from...... the main annual paid leave "). Below this entry you need to put a date and signature with clarification.

# 3

Now, to how the leave is granted on the basis of statements of the employee. The employer may refuse to grant paid leave inif the employee has worked in the company for at least 6 months, as well as due to operational needs (incompleteness important for the organization of cases dealt with by the person going on vacation;lack of personnel for the proper functioning of the company and so on. n.).In these cases, the employer may provide a partial leave of absence, and the remaining days until the next year, or, for example, to divide the employee vacation into two parts in one year.

# 4

should now turn its attention to how to go on holiday, for someone this holiday will be extraordinary - unpaid.This may be, for example, a holiday for the treatment of illness, leave for child care or in need of care relative or due to other extraordinary circumstances.In this case, go on vacation and on the application of the same size as that of the next vacation, but detailing the reason for the urgent need to go on vacation.More often than not, employers are included in the employee's position and goes on vacation, and sometimes even reimburse part of the costs in the case of an employee falling into heavy life situation.

# 5

If a situation arises where there is no way appear to work at the right time after a vacation, then you need to know how to extend a vacation without breaking the discipline of labor and employment law.The easiest way - to issue during a vacation sick leave.On its basis, and to provide it to the office of the organization has the right to extend the number of vacation days, which were spent on treatment - from the opening date of sick leave before the date of the closing doctor.In fact, to draw up and fill out an application on vacation there is nothing difficult.If an employee performs his duties in good faith, that the boss is always go to meet such a man as in the provision of regular and extraordinary vacation.