How to conduct business negotiations right?

How to conduct business negotiations right?
You will need:
  • ability to build up his speech
  • Knowledge of the main rules of dialogue
  • knowledge of the rules of business communication
  • Ability to listen and hear the other party
  • Respect for the opponent
  • The ability to raise the issue
  • The desire to know all the rules of oratory
# 1

must know how to conduct business negotiations properly.First we need to remember the main rules of conventional dialogue: if you ask the question - you need to answer it.Also, if you were asked to do something, you must either comply with the request or report a failure, justifying it.You show respect by listening without interrupting the interlocutor and showing him that you understand what he says.

# 2

There are a number of rules that should be observed in a business conversation.For starters, always remember that you must speak clearly and legibly.If you "chant" something to himself - will cease to be interesting for the interlocutor.You also need to have the elements of oratory.It no emotiona

l coloring causes no desire to listen to the speaker and causes negative emotions.The pace of the narrative should not be too fast or slow: think about how you'd better talk to surrounding able to perceive what was said.There is a rule as "alternate sentences or phrases of different lengths."It was created to ensure that your speech was not intermittent, sharp or, conversely, is too difficult to understand.

# 3

To business conversation took place successfully, you must have the proper skills of the question.Questions may be closed and open.The first type requires short answers "Yes" or "No".The second type - a full-scale narrative.Use only one type of question is not: it is, or will cause a feeling of questioning, or may contribute to the loss of the main thoughts response.

# 4

When business communication is required to show your interest.This can be done with light shake of the head, or a few nods.Such gestures will not only not interrupt the voice of the caller, but they will also understand it, that you get to the heart of his narrative.

# 5

Finally, any of their performance need to think through in advance.Try to use all available expressions and phrases, and do not try to embellish his account various complicated turns and abstruse professionalism.In business communication you need to be with someone "on the same wavelength."

# 6

to conduct business communication is correct, and what would have happened to the interlocutor have a good view, you need to build your speech correctly.That way you know how to say, affect the attitude towards you and your work activities.Of course, to grasp all the perfection of the art of public speaking, you need a long time to work and practice.But the basic rules of use should be now.