As regulated breaks during the working day ?

As regulated breaks during the working day ?
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# 1

As regulated breaks during the working day?"For a normal and fulfilling life requires a stable receipt finance, which is naturally achieved in paid work.In order to adequately perform their direct work, a person must work for time for meals and rest.Time for a break depends on many factors: the specificity of the work hazards, the duration of a working day, and many other reasons.The right to break officially protected by law (Art. 108 h. 1 of the Labour Code), must be respected and the company management.

# 2

breaks during the working day there are several species, for example, a lunch break, created for rest and meals, and the duration is 30 minutes or more - up to two hours, inclusive.This period of time is considered to be the division of labor of the day.Indicated break an employee may use for their needs.The duration of the lunch break is regulated according to the instructions of the internal regulations of the organi

zation or by agreement of the parties.This usually occurs a break after four hours of working process, but by arrangement with the staff can be changed to six hours inclusive (Art. 108 h. 2 of the Labour Code).

# 3

There are special breaks for physical and psychological relief from heavy work factors.For example, breaks for working in the monotonous rhythm;for employees, professionals working with the computer;air traffic controllers for airlines;for truck drivers;people on Liquor and tobacco production;when dealing in cases with high gassy, ​​and so on. d. Not to be confused with a break above to heat and rest, with the rest according to the working in open space or in an unheated room in the winter season, and loaders in the works.This leisure time is paid.

# 4

legislation provides for cases where, in connection with the specifics of the work, there is no possibility for a break for rest and meals (Art. 108 h. 3 of the Labour Code).In the proposed version, a work break is provided for the use of food during working hours on the ground at the time of no more than 30 minutes.To do this, the right conditions are created by the employer.In this embodiment, the time for a meal fit into a work table and payable in full.If the employer has not fulfilled obligations to provide a place and to receive food during working hours, the employee can exercise their right to a break for rest and food at its discretion.

# 5

For lactating women engaged in labor activities, provided breaks during working hours for feeding, not less than 30 minutes each feeding, with an intermediate interval of three hours.Time spent feeding, must be paid.There are professions where by the nature of the skills necessary to move from one object to the next, or periodically changing the geographical location of the place of work.In the case of idle through no fault of the employee.In any case, the employee is entitled to a break.