How to make swans out of mastic ?

How to make swans out of mastic ?
You will need:
  • Mastic
  • Tools Required
  • Fantasy and efforts
# 1

Fine swans mastic for tortaImeya little experience with putty, you can proceed to more complex shapeswhich will accentuate any cake.But to understand how to make swans out of mastic, even a novice will be able to this case.After all, here it is important to use your imagination, and, with a little effort, you get a real masterpiece!In this there is no doubt, if a child was at least a little experience with clay.

# 2

Having prepared mastic on the correct recipe, do not forget how to do a colored paste, which is very useful for some parts of cake decorating.It can be a separate part of the swans, for instance, the beak and eyes, as well as other interesting figures.Also, you can decorate the finished swan special edible pastry decorations: beads, sequins, etc.

# 3

also how to make orchids from the mastic, the swan is made of three main parts: the torso, neck and head with wings.Before you begin, it is desirable to pre

pare in advance a few simple tools: a small pair of scissors, a few toothpicks, small plastic or silicone blades or special tools for mastic.Mastic should be soft, good cling, but gave it to keep the shape.

# 4

So, you need to start the formation of a swan with his torso.The large piece of mastic is necessary to mold an elongated oval, which most will be similar to the body of a swan.The front should be slightly oval obtuse shape, and back the other way around.Before the paste dried, the entire trunk must scissors make small cuts to be small triangular.

# 5

Now we need to take a small piece of wire.On it strung small bead of mastic, which immediately have to roll.It turns out a long neck and small head, which can immediately form a beak.Now you need to gently bend the wire to the bottom of the head is turned, and the whole neck was arched.Balance wire well to gain a foothold in the finished trunk when the neck with the head will be in place.

# 6

now left to do beautiful wings.It's not as hard as a mastic to make a baby, but it is worth to try.From rolled sheet mastic thickness of no more than half a centimeter, you need to cut a small leaf.You can also use the form.Now spatula or toothpick need to squeeze rough outlines of feathers.At the edges of such feathers is a little pin to become thin and weightless.Now the list need a little bend and attach to the body.On each side of a wing can be one or more.