How to make the machine from the mastic ?

How to make the machine from the mastic ?
You will need:
  • Cake
  • Mastic
  • idea
  • Patience and diligence
# 1

gift made with their own hands for the close - this is the best gift, and even better, hewill, if it is a delicious, sweet and very beautiful.In this case, a cake decorated with their own hands and imagination, the best option.And the most profitable theme decorations, of course, the car.This cake can be donated as a very young, already an adult motorist.Before making machine of mastic, it is desirable to know what models or toys birthday prefers to become wholly a gift hit.

# 2

Of course, you can add all decorated with figures similar to the very hero of the occasion.And it needs to be viewed as a blind man from the mastic, which will create a more believable copy.Before working with mastic does not put the child to recall a favorite pastime - molded from clay.Working with mastic same, only the material necessary to prepare yourself.How blind bear from the mastic will at first seem impossible job, but little understood,

everything would be much easier.

# 3

Decorate the cake car in two ways: to make small cars from most of mastic, or to make a cake in the form of a large machine and beautifully decorate it with mastic.If the cake is for girls, it does not mean you have to puzzle over how to do Masha mastic.In this case, you can simply do a pink car, which is very fond of playing the birthday girl, or the one which dreams adult birthday girl.In any case, the main thing to show a little imagination.

# 4

If you cook a cake in the shape of the car, then made cakes should be cut from the sides and cut parts to put on top of the cakes.Little cut the from all sides, we got a cake in the shape of the car.Cut off the crumbs, you can add some missing pieces: bumper, headlights and mirrors.Do not forget the cream, which is necessary to lubricate all the cakes.One reservoir the rolled mastic is necessary to cover the cake and smooth cut.Now you can decorate the pieces of the machine itself colored pastes, paints or thick pastry cream.

# 5

Small machines can be formed of a small mass of mastic the form that you want to get in the final result.They also do not forget to decorate various interesting elements.Wheels for these vehicles is also formed from the mastic, and for a large machine can take a round cookie or drying by wrapping them in the mastic.If you can not think of how to make a black paste to the wheels, and can be made of color.