As the designer of the car to do for my son ?

As the designer of the car to do for my son ?
You will need:
  • metal designer
  • toolset
# 1

It just so happened that the son to imitate his father.Heritage is not only his appearance, but also copies the demeanor and attitude toward life.If the father of any of life's scrapes met with a smile and firmly achieves the intended goal, and his son will be the same love for life.If the father of a child will deal with the son of crafts, the son of hardworking grow and become a reliable support in old age.I guess every father taught son of a designer to make the machine.

# 2

during childhood author of the article cherished dream of every boy had metal designers under the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Depending on the size of the serial number they had a number of different parts, of which one could make all sorts of machines.In the booklet that comes with the set of constructors, I described how to make a box of the car with the engine of the gum.This car overcame a fairly decent distance.

# 3

The designer had set plates of different length

s with holes.Fastened together with bolts, fathers teach sons to use wrenches.From plates, slugs, hooks jointly constructed locomotives and aircraft, ships and cranes.If the booklet was not any cars, but I wanted to make them, the fathers themselves had to invent design.For example, how to make a war machine, not mentioned in the manual.

# 4

peculiarity war machine among boys was considered the presence of a gun or a machine gun.It was necessary to secure the toy gun with a machine-gunner in the cockpit so that it can rotate around its axis and the machine gunner could fire in all directions.But how to make a small car is so stable that it is not overturned when driving?Fathers clench lead pieces in rectangles, nails punched holes in them and the wire tied to the bottom of the machine.

# 5

From designer number 4 could make almost any car.At the end of the book gives an example how to make a fire engine.Perhaps it was the most difficult product.For the fire engine had to make and fasten the sliding ladder.By the stairs was locked thread, thrown over blochok.Pull the string, you can pick up the ladder and push the required distance.

# 6

Childhood passes.Former brisk boys turn into power of fathers of families.There comes their time to teach their sons the art manufacturing machines from scrap materials.It just so happened that the son to imitate his father.So it was, is and will be.