How should play the role of inspector ?

How should play the role of inspector ?
You will need:
  • acting ability
  • desire to play a role
# 1

Many people mistakenly assume that the inspector can only be regarded as evil and cruel man.By itself, it can do no harm, and surrounding yourself make it the one who they want.

# 2

Due to the uniqueness of nature, rather, due to the absence of strong character, Khlestakov hardly think about the future.It focuses only on today and within the day can be a great artist.It is easy and without coercion can change their appearance.This fictional character is a contrast in comparison with the full-scale county officials.For them, it is now a terrible event.They fear the inspector general, but admire him because he does not look like a typical auditor, able to punish the perpetrators.

# 3

Nikolai Gogol was well known to the life of a minor official from St. Petersburg.This allowed him to add to the image of the inspector exaggeration and superficial education braggart.How to play a role in the formulation?It is necessary to use c

omplex syllables that will highlight the ignorance of the inspector, because most of the words were picked up by the French in those days were the stamps in fiction.How should play the role of the inspector so that viewers are credible to the artist?Khlestakov often used vulgar expressions.Gogol ascribed to such remarks to the hero, to show the spiritual poverty of the character, and utterly unable to stop their attention on something specific.

# 4

contemporaries Gogol characterized this character like a bubble that can inflate only under favorable circumstances and grow in their own eyes.Gogol was able to penetrate into the depths of the Russian national character.An excellent way became lzherevizor - Khlestakov.What do you think the author of any Russian person can be represented as the character, no matter what his social status, age and education.