How to make Masha mastic : lepim " Masha and the Bear "

How to make Masha mastic : lepim
You will need:
  • Mastic
  • Decorative powder, powdered sugar
# 1

Mastic - sweet mass, which can be used to create a small edible masterpieces decorate cakes or pastries, makingvarious jewelry or figurki.Lepka of mastic - a great opportunity for interesting leisure activities with a child.You can sculpt a mastic whole zoo, orchard, or the heroes of favorite fairy tales.Even a child would understand how to make Masha of mastic, a popular children's cartoon character.You will need several colors mastic.Ideally, if there are available Mastic all colors of the rainbow.This diversity significantly facilitate the task of the production figures.

# 2

can buy mastic confectionery in specialized stores, is an inexpensive pleasure will delight the whole family.You can mix several different colors of mastic, to get a new color or add a white mastic few drops of food coloring.This will solve the problem of how to make a black paste, brown, purple, or other rare flowers.Taking the characters of the car

toon "Masha and the Bear", you need to make base.To get started is to make the is necessary to roll the balls 9 to bear the body - head, torso, legs, eyes and nose Next you need to connect the balls to each other and give the appropriate form.Forming the body, followed with a toothpick or knife to allocate bear muzzle, mouth, tongue gluing mastic.Bear ready.Now it's time to start making Masha from the same cartoon.

# 3

Create Masha is not as simple as making the machine from the mastic, or a beautiful flower.It takes a little skill to achieve the similarity with the cartoon heroine.You must first fashion a dress - a cone, similar to the original, the respective color and style.Further sculpt the arms and legs, then attach them to the dress.Separately need to make the head of Masha.Head - a small balloon on the ball you need to form a face.This is not an easy task, as the blind man from the mastic to be solved, but requires a certain amount of skill and time.You may have to make several attempts to achieve the desired resemblance to the original.

# 4

When Masha figure is almost ready, can be supplemented with a decorative figure in the form of powder confectionery beads, stars or hearts.Sprinkle with powdered sugar masterpieces and place in refrigerator for two hours.Sugar Masha and the Bear of mastic ready! Children will learn quickly, like a blind bear from the mastic Smeshariki or any other fairy tale characters.Modeling of mastic perfectly develops the child's motor skills, imagination, accuracy, diligence, and finished figures will be a perfect gift for your grandmother, or Pope simply delicious treats for children.