How rich Abramovich : the billionaire secrets

How rich Abramovich : the billionaire secrets
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Who today has not heard of Roman Abramovich and his multi-million dollar income?But many are not so much interested Abramovich as the question 'how to get rich Abramovich'.According to recent reports, the man, the legend occupies a leading position in the annual ranking of the richest people on the planet.According to the data, which have been known since 2010, his fortune was estimated more than 11 billion standard units.Naturally every year it increases its revenues.

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By the way, before the divorce proceedings with his ex-wife, in bank accounts Abramovich official number of 6.8 billion. Russian rubles.Some, knowing about these large sums, come to the conclusion that it is necessary to examine the question of how to get rich on Feng Shui, and suddenly fall in love with Abramovich used in recent years, Russians spiritual practice.

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Do not say, and the dream of getting rich does not leave anyone indifferent.Therefore, everyone is interested to kno

w the path to wealth, which was held Abramovich.His career he began in 1987, working as a mechanic in building trust "Mosspetsmontazh".Abramovich himself acknowledged in an interview that during his studies at the institute was able to organize a cooperative for the production of plastic toys.Then, with the same team you hit the "Sibneft".Some time was the broker for the sale of products on the Moscow market.

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Apparently for successful businessmen question of how to get rich in Kazakhstan, is irrelevant.For them, the location does not play a role.The main thing is to work hard and constantly try something new, as in his time did Abramovich.This perseverance and diligence, and sometimes curiosity has led to the fact that in 1992 -1995 years this man is already creating 5 organizations that are engaged in the manufacture of consumer goods.On the way Abramovich does not once had a problem of law enforcement agencies.

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For example, in 1992, in June, he was taken into custody on suspicion of concealment of cars with diesel fuel.On the way to wealth and this happens.For information on how to get rich in the village, many people do not even think, because it is an impossible dream.But Abramovich, is not among those who are afraid to make plans.And as can be seen, it reaches them.Whatever it was, in 1993, Abramovich continues its petroleum activities, and still his income multiplied.

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From the above it can be concluded, to understand how to get rich in Moscow, you can see only their own arrival in the capital and do not afraid to go stubbornly to his goal, as it always did a character articles.And, if you go your way without stopping can be achieved certain results.Of course, everyone can not be Abramovich, but everyone can achieve tangible results, thanks to the wit and diligence.