How to quit a translation ?Dismissal transfer

How to quit a translation ?Dismissal transfer
You will need:
  • statement
  • employee consent order
# 1

Sometimes it happens that the dismissal of the translation issue is much lighter than normal dismissal.It is therefore necessary to consider this issue in detail.In accordance with paragraph 5 of Section 77 of the Labour Code, can translate from one head to another, if the initiative comes from the employee, or by agreement of both parties.Such translation is very convenient for employees who want to get the same position as before, but on the other enterprise.It is also convenient because it does not have to look for a new job.It is important to remember that the dismissal of transfer to another employer may have their own nuances and design rules.

# 2

In the event that the initiative comes from the employee, he should write a statement on the dismissal from the previous place of work.It shall bear the date of dismissal, and the place where the employee will be transferred.Keep in mind that it will be necessary to prove that the

new employer agrees to transfer the employee to his company.Proof of this fact can be a letter of offer to transfer or harmonizing visa stamped on the statement.Most often, to accelerate the procedure agreed between the two leaders worker wrote two statements: one on the dismissal, and the other to the reception employee.Both of these statements are signed by the leaders and agreed.

# 3

will also be important to consider a situation in which the initiator of this translation is the head.It is worth remembering that the translation can be done only with the written consent of the employee and not the other way.This consent is made in the form of notice of transfer, or a separate document.If translating draw up a notice, the employee must express his desire to be transferred to another company in writing.It is important to point out that he agrees to the transfer, as well as a number and sign written reassuring.Then put the date and signature.

# 4

You can also write an application to the same text to the head of consent to transfer.After the signing of the statement of the personnel department employee to prepare an order for dismissal, as well as make the necessary entries in the personal card and note in the workbook.It is important to remember that all documents should be made in accordance with the law.After that, the day of dismissal, the employee should be familiar with the order, and the employer is obliged to pay the entire debt to the employee and to give the work book.When dismissing an employee by transferring important to pay attention to the fact that there must be consent of both parties.And if someone (employee or employer) does not agree, then the dismissal will not be possible under any circumstances.