How to write a report on the trip ?

How to write a report on the trip ?
You will need:
  • order
  • service job
# 1

is important to know that each document constituting a trip shall be executed in accordance with the law.Moreover, it should be noted that some of them must complete the travel itself, and the other fills in charge of this area of ​​work face.Therefore, it is important to clarify how prepared a report on the trip at a specific company where the employee works.It should be remembered that before going on a business trip, an employee of the enterprise should be familiar with the order on it, and also get your hands on traveling certificate and a service job assignment form Wm-10a.The setting is indicated not only the purpose of the trip, but also a place where the staff member is serving (there may be several), and duration of the trip.Moreover, it should be carefully prescribed tasks and goals trip to further inspection bodies have been no questions on this issue.This document must be completed and certified by the head of the division's signature of t

he director.It is necessary to fill in the first part of the document form Wm-10a, and the second part is divided into two columns, which are also necessary to fill.Column №1 must have repeated these goals and tasks assignment, and in the column №2 registers progress report.If during the quest, no problems, it is written in front of the item with the task of "Done".Next, the surname and initials of the artist and date stamped, that number when the document was filled.

# 2

must know that failure to specify the travel demands of the worker, who visited on the trip, clear and more of the disclosed light of a number of reasons, because of which this situation occurred.If you would be a lot of reasons, and not enough space, it is attached to the additional sheet of A4, which can be more deeply explain the essence of problems.The appendix lists all the items that have been made partially or not implemented at all.This form of application documentation is not in violation of existing rules and regulations or tax laws or accounting.Attention is drawn to the fact that if the circumstances due to which the task was not performed, are respectful and do not depend on the employee, then reimburse all costs for the trip should venture.And also need to know that if the trip was for the purpose of production, the reasons for non-payment of account means the employee is not present, even if he had not fulfilled the task.Otherwise, such a situation can be easily solved in court.There are rules on the registration of securities of technology in order to correctly issue a report on the trip: the task is made official.Further, it is signed by the chief, on the basis of it, the director of the organization or authorized person shall issue an order to the existing forms of T-9, T-9a.So, without a document illuminating service job, the company has no right to issue orders and to issue travel vouchers.

# 3

very same service certificate shall be issued for personnel or authorized person for the job in a single copy.The reason for this is, itself, an order.The certificate is a document which states the stay on a business trip, as well as the date of arrival at the place and the date of disposal of it.Visiting business travelers multiple recipients, each he must put down a note on the length of stay, which is required to be certified by the host country in the form of stamp and signature of the responsible person.Another document, which must necessarily fill officer, who was in a business trip - this expense report.This document, like all the others, has a form to fill out.It must be submitted for all expenses incurred on a business trip.It should be remembered that an employee who has received an advance payment, have the right to spend it only for the purposes specified in the travel job and nothing else.Not later laid statutory term (3 days), the employee must be given accounts all receipts, tickets, receipts and final settlement of the amount expended.The accounting company must verify the existence of the documents, confirming the expenses, as well as make sure the target using the received advance payment.Next, a certified financial report shall be transmitted to the head of the enterprise for the signature.The residue is an advance, if applicable, the employee is obliged to hand over to the cashier, if the employee has engaged for the needs of a large sum, the organization is required to pay him the difference in cash warrant.Rates per diem established by the legislation.