How to recover a reserve officer in the military service ?

How to recover a reserve officer in the military service ?
You will need:
  • desire to become an officer
  • get after epaulets Lieutenant Military Institute
# 1

How to recover an officer in the Russian army there are two ways.The first is to go to the draft board, where is registered a reserve officer and file a report about the desire to continue to serve in the ranks of the Russian Army in such a position.The second method is less productive, because the issue should be resolved through the courts.However, this is possible if the reserve officer fired illegally.But to prove the illegality will be very problematic.Therefore it is better to use the first option.It is especially good when the officer was discharged on grounds of redundancy.Therefore, such a person is not required to take any more effort in order to recover as a reserve officer.

# 2

Russian army officers are different.Most exclusive straps after getting specialized military higher and secondary schools.This is the title of lieutenant.But there are cases, and quite often, when befor

e retiring to the reserve of military service sergeants are special courses, after which it is assigned the rank of second lieutenant.Returning from the army back home, many returning to the ranks, but in the rank of second lieutenant.How to recover a reserve officer, it was described in the first paragraph of the article.That's all the mini-essay about how to obtain the rank of officer.

# 3

There is a proverb that says that the generals are not born, they become.And indeed it is.Young people who want to devote themselves to the service of the Fatherland, usually at school are preparing for this.They are well studied military affairs, or enter the Suvorov Military School.After their graduation, they are usually completely enter higher specialized military education.After completing his studies at the grand building they are given a lieutenant shoulder straps.And then in the existing troops continue to study military science at the Academy of the General Staff, and so on.In short, there is no problem, how to become an officer.

# 4

Today service in the Russian Army's prestige.It consists of a series of such troops as land, sea, air, space and others.The service requires not only a good physical preparation, but the fundamental knowledge.From personnel required to have ability to apply at the right time theory into practice.Therefore, the state training officers prioritizes.It is said that the officers are preparing dozens of military institutes and academies.In them the younger generation is beginning to understand how to become an officer in the Russian Army.

# 5

Russia as no other power in the world, won many brilliant victories over their enemies.And how many there were, considered and not counted.Banish Tatars beat the Swedes defeated the French, the Germans beat last Patriotic War.And everywhere the victory parade took Russian generals, whose names are inscribed in golden letters in the annals of military feats of our country.Russia can be proud of.This is primarily the glorious sons, who put the belly of the Russian zemlitsy-Mother.So it was, so be it.