Light salad with ginger slimming

Light salad with ginger slimming
You will need:
  • Ginger root
  • Vegetables
  • Olive oil
  • Brynza
  • Kitchen utensils
# 1

naive to believe that the current boom in the use of ginger root is associated withsome recent discoveries of scientists.How to spice it up, we know for a long time.A lack of knowledge of its healing capabilities associated with only onetime information "hunger", not so long ago, "quench" with "world wide web".But Ginger was used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years already!Mention of it, prescriptions drugs with its use can be found in a monumental medical treatises of antiquity and the Middle Ages.One of the names of ginger - "vishvabhesadzh" from the ancient Indian language (Sanskrit) is literally translated as "universal medicine".Big exaggeration in this.Probably, there is no organ in the human body, which he would not have a beneficial effect.

# 2

can be a long talk about ginger's ability to cure diseases of the respiratory organs, cardiovascular, urogenital, help with nervous disorders, t

o heal the wounds.But in the format of this article will focus on its application in dietetics.That would not talk about the wonders of proprietary tools to help people with obesity problem, a major in the fight against excess weight will always be the right diet.Ginger root, no doubt, must take their rightful place in a constant dietary menu.It does not probably make sense to go into the names of complex biochemical components of the root.Suffice it to say that the use of ginger dramatically reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, dissolves sclerotic plaques in blood vessels.And it is - the first step to losing weight.

# 3

Ginger has properties beneficial impact on the functioning of the digestive system.Its components stimulate the process of digestion, proper bile secretion.Well assimilated food should not lead to excessive deposition of fat cells.Ginger root also normalizes the bowels, to giving developing stagnant and putrid processes, has a mild laxative effect.The remains of undigested food is not zashlakovyvayutsya and freely excreted.Those people who know how much extra padding slags have to carry a person realize how wonderful it is important the quality of ginger.Indirect help full people will be the fact that ginger is good for the musculoskeletal system of man.The "fat people" are often a problem here.

# 4

So, the conclusion.The main factor is a balanced diet.Ginger is important for weight loss as follows: he will cleanse the blood cholesterol;will give a new form slag accumulations;will improve the complete digestion with energy release;and its general tonic effect will this energy be spent usefully.You can, of course, use ginger "old-fashioned" as spicy seasoning.But it is better to go into action, feel free to include it in the preparation of dishes on a full component of the right.Especially well it is combined with other ingredients in salads.No exotic foods are not required.All can be easily purchased in the shop, and for the owners of the gardens - rip in the garden.

# 5

For example, a simple salad, perfectly suitable for handling days menu.Components - simple.Fresh carrots, boiled beets (for the fans - and can be wet), celery stalks, lemon juice, orange peel and a tablespoon of fresh, grated ginger.Crushed with a knife or grated products are thoroughly mixed, seasoned with lemon juice and a spoon of vegetable oil.Counting calories in a salad is pointless, they are simply not.A useful properties - more than enough!And recreation influence spread to the cardiovascular system, and respiratory system.This dish can rightfully be called "salad with ginger for weight loss."

# 6

An excellent snack cucumbers are pickled with ginger.Cut cucumbers (200g) are poured salt (teaspoon), thereto is added grated ginger root (100 g), 50 g of sugar and as much 6% vinegar.The finished mixture is wrapped in a bag and removed for the night in a cool place.The next morning - you can try!Greek cuisine offers a recipe for pumpkin salad.Baked pumpkin slices mixed with cut in half and stoned olives.Cheeses cut into cubes and added to the total weight.All of this flavored with olive oil and, necessarily, grated ginger.can be used to heighten the aroma, moreover, oregano leaves (oregano) and a small amount of balsamic vinegar.Just?- Yes!Delicious?- Highly!Helpful?- Without any doubt!