How to use the pink ginger for weight loss ?

How to use the pink ginger for weight loss ?
You will need:
  • Pink Ginger Garlic
  • Herbs Tea
  • Carrot Beet
# 1

Ginger - a perennial plant, which is the value of the root.Rich in vitamins and mineral composition of this product is due to its use for medicinal purposes, for weight loss, preserving youth and beauty.Pink Ginger has a strong tonic, antioxidant effect.In addition, when consumption accelerates metabolism, and food eaten together with this product, it is much easier to digest, and harmful substances from the body are displayed faster.Pink ginger for weight loss can be used in different ways.The easiest option - make it a delicious drink with a prescription, which is more likely to appeal.For example, mix with green tea, herb mint, lemon balm, lemongrass, hawthorn berries and rose hips, strawberries, and then make hot water.

# 2

popular and very effective method of losing weight is to drink daily drink ginger and garlic.For the preparation you need to make 1 liter of boiling water the root of a plant of medium size, an

d 2-3 cloves of garlic.This infusion to drink instead of tea, dividing it into 5-6 receptions.The infusion of ginger root can be added to taste any citrus juice at the rate of 50 grams to 150 grams of juice infusion.This drink has a pleasant taste;can be added to the resulting liquid a teaspoon of honey, thus making it even healthier and tastier.Effective slimming take an invigorating tea made from ginger root, lemon balm and cardamom.Among other things, this drink is very refreshing in the summer heat, and very good for the skin;a part of its components, essential oils tone the body and give a feeling of lightness.

# 3

Eating pickled ginger is also an excellent method for losing weight.To cook it you need the very root of the plant, rice or cider vinegar and a small piece of beet to give a beautiful pink color.Can this tasty and healthy product is already after a couple of hours in a glass or ceramic dish.To lose weight, you need to have this product on a daily basis, adding to taste to your favorite dishes.Of course, keeping a reasonable diet and eliminating the supply of harmful foods - baked, fried, salty foods, weight loss occurs much faster.Since pink ginger fine prints toxins, the skin also becomes elastic, toned and youthful.

# 4

Slimming pink ginger can be used in the preparation of various dishes.For example, ginger salad can be a wonderful meal for losing weight.The recipe is very simple: pink ginger mixed in equal proportions with grated raw carrots, chopped roasted beets, season to taste with vegetable oil - sunflower, olive, mustard or corn.For lunch you can prepare the soup of ginger.He cooked broth of veal wait with the addition of a cauliflower, a pair of potatoes, carrots, onions, ginger and pink.This soup is incredibly tasty, besides nizkokalorien.The easiest option soup - ginger, carrot, onion and a little vegetable oil.This recipe is quite suitable for the discharge of the day in the diet food.

# 5

If torturing a constant feeling of hunger, especially for those who keep a strict diet, drink ginger, drunk before a meal, can greatly reduce the appetite, thereby reducing food intake and reducing the intake of calories.In the opinion of losing weight by consuming a variety of pink ginger and ginger drinks, you can lose a month for up to 4-5 kg ​​of excess weight.The main thing - to observe a sense of proportion, as well as all possible contraindications for use.First of all, you try a little bit of the product, make sure that there is no food allergy.People suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can be observed intolerance pickled ginger.In this case, especially during exacerbation of the disease, it is necessary to abandon the diet ginger.