Lose Weight with soda in the bath : Tips nutritionists

Lose Weight with soda in the bath : Tips nutritionists
You will need:
  • soda
  • sea salt
  • water bath
  • essential oil
# 1

Many have heard about the soda baths, some even dare to try to take them.But all the details are known far not many.So, what is the effect of such procedures?Soda, firstly, has beneficial effects on the skin, it reduces inflammation and irritation, removes dead skin cells and irregularities.In addition, under the influence of warm water and soda divorced it improves blood circulation, accelerated metabolism, which together lead to a more efficient burning of fat (other results are seen provided diet and physical activity).But that effect was maximum, it is important to follow some simple guidelines.Lose Weight with soda in the bath right!It's easy.

# 2

So, first you need to prepare the bath.For this purpose it is necessary to fill with water, the temperature should be 37-39 degrees.There are several recipes for procedures.The simplest of them: take 200 grams of soda and just dissolve it in water.It is also possible to mix

150 grams of sea salt, 125 grams of sodium and a few drops of lavender oil (or alcohol).All this should be dissolved in warm water and pour into the tub.And another way: it is necessary to mix 300 grams of soda and half a kilo of sea salt and dissolve it all in a hot (but not too much!) Water and then added to the bath.It is important to observe the temperature regime of water, so it is best to buy a special thermometer.

# 3

When the bath is ready, you can dive into it.This should be done slowly and carefully.Doctors do not advise to go to the bath completely, will be enough to get into the water up to his waist.If you want to get rid of the extra kilos on your hands or in the area above the waist, you can simply periodically showering the area of ​​the bath water.When the body is used, and the water has cooled down, you can pour a little hot water.But the temperature should not exceed 39-40 degrees!The procedure lasts approximately 20 minutes, but for the first time is enough for 5 minutes.The next time you can increase the duration of a few minutes, and then a little more, increasing gradually to 20 minutes.In any case, a long stay in a bath (longer than half an hour) can cause damage to the skin and discomfort.

# 4

If interested, how to lose weight, bath with baking soda will do it more quickly, especially if you play sports and eat right.And that the effect was more pronounced, it is not recommended to be rinsed after the procedure, because if you do not, it will remain part of the soda on the skin, and will continue to operate even for a while.Of course, when there is a strong burning sensation or itching, you should take a shower.If the feeling of tolerance, it is best to wear a bathrobe or wrap yourself in a warm blanket.Then it will be much more greater improvement in blood flow.In addition, it makes sense after taking a soda bath lie down, rest and relax and not be active.Incidentally, after the procedure can be applied to the skin or cellulite remedy any essential oil.

# 5

Now a little about when and how often it is best to carry out the procedure.As for the time of day, it is better to take the soda bath before going to bed at night.In this case, there will come after water treatment relaxation will benefit and improve sleep, making it a deep and strong.But soda still continue to operate.If we talk about the number of procedures and their frequency, it will be enough 10 sessions, the interval between them should be about 2-4 days.Repeat the course is recommended not earlier than 10 weeks, or no effect will be, but the negative aspects may emerge.

# 6

Now a little about the indications and contraindications.Thus, this procedure is shown to those who want to get rid of fat, acne, rashes, and improve skin condition.Furthermore, soda help remove fungal and bacterial infections.But to take such a bath, you can not please everyone.For example, women with any gynecological problems is better to refrain from such actions.It is not necessary to resort to this procedure and people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as suffering from hypertension.In allergy and asthma also contraindicated soda bath as and provided that the operation has been transferred recently.

# 7

And, of course, worth mentioning about the testimonials of people who have tried to imagine a procedure such as soda bath.If you believe the advertising, that at one time, you can lose up to 2 kilograms of weight.Actually this is not true.Although such cases are known, but most likely, the liquid is lost, as mentioned sweating.Generally, people are very happy, for one procedure can get rid of 100-300 grams of fat.But the best result yet achieved those girls and women who, along with the adoption of a diet soda baths, as well as for sports.So this procedure - this is not a universal and a miracle cure, and good help in the fight against excess weight.