Diet soda based on : the recommendation for losing weight

Diet soda based on : the recommendation for losing weight
You will need:
  • extra weight
  • soda bath
  • sea salt
  • effect evaporation
  • diet for soda
# 1

In today's world, a lot of people suffer from excess kilos.Grueling physical training and even give a positive result, but it is not immediately, but only after a certain time.Therefore, in order to quickly throw off excess weight, slimming prefer different diets.Now there are so many diets to suit all tastes.But before you choose the right tool for weight loss, it is necessary to carefully consider all its positive and negative effects.Not all diets are suitable for each person.One, for example, they do produce a stunning result, and the other, on the contrary - some side effects.Therefore it is necessary to learn how to work and how one or another diet.Not so long ago started to use popular among fat people to diet soda.

# 2

But in fact, consume soda does not.Because we all know that soda is an alkali, respectively, it reduces the acidity of gastric juice.Before she even used to quickly treat

heartburn.Therefore, in itself called "Diet with baking soda" is an indirect value.In fact, based on such diets are soda baths.When a person takes a bath, the body is completely relaxed, there is a cleansing of negative emotions and energy.This can be called Relax.But along with the emotional state of slimming, and processes within the organism occur: blood accelerates the lymphatic system.This is split subcutaneous fat deposits, which subsequently leads to the loss of extra kilos.

# 3

To take a soda bath, need to recruit two hundred liters of hot water, the temperature of 38-40 degrees, then dissolve it in about three hundred grams of baking soda.To be recommended for about twenty in a bathroom - thirty minutes.Ideally, for such time it lost about 1.5 kilograms of weight.Baking soda can also be combined with sea salt.This bath helps to normalize metabolic processes, even their acceleration.Another positive effect of the adoption of soda-salt bath is the elimination of toxins from the human body, cleansed of radionuclides.This occurs the body increase energy, recovery, and of course weight loss.

# 4

To enhance the effect of soda-salt bath, you can use essential oils.They need only a few drops.But the result is not only weight loss, but the reduction or even the complete disappearance of cellulite.The bath is better to take lying down, so that all parts of the body were under the influence of the solution.But for people who have heart failure is better to take a sitting posture.Such procedures should be done in a day, and the number of sessions should be about ten.Also, for those people who do not like to take baths, suitable perfusion procedure.Poured worth the trouble spots of hot water with salt and baking soda, then necessarily need to dress warmly and to lay down under a blanket so for some time yet maintain the effect of evaporation.

# 5

actually themselves soda and salt have no effect absorption of fat, but in combination with the hot water, the human body begins to perspire.And it is this chemical environment (a mixture of salt, soda and water) more intense effect on the process.Soda baths are a great many positive effects.For example, along with the relaxation of the human organism from the purified toxin.Moreover, in addition to the loss of kilograms, the skin becomes softer and purified.By the way, in any case can not be after taking a bath rinsed under running water.After this procedure, the mixture continues to operate even while remaining on the skin.Therefore, slightly soaked body with a towel should wear warm pajamas or a bathrobe, and then quickly under the blanket.

# 6

After the soda-salt bath, you can drink a cup of green tea.But, despite all its advantages, such a procedure is not suitable for all people losing weight and some may even be extremely dangerous.For example, for diabetics extremely contraindicated soda bath.Best of all, before you start "evaporation fat", should consult a physician.And only then begin to struggle with excess weight.Also, the human body perspires better at high temperature, but for people with heart disease increasing degrees can have negative consequences.Although in some cases healthy people at high temperature may experience dizziness, and sometimes fainting.Therefore, it is necessary to increase the degrees of water gradually, and feeling unwell should stop.

# 7

It is not recommended to take a soda bath during pregnancy, lactation period.When skin diseases or open wounds on the body, you can get severe irritation, so from this process should be abandoned at some time.Also during menstruation hot tub can cause bleeding, so not worth the risk.In diseases of the stomach (gastritis) inhale the vapors of hot air with the evaporation of salt and baking soda is also not recommended.Not so long ago on the Internet on diet soda, in particular, soda drink, it caused a real success.But in fact, soda, eating inside, can not contribute to weight loss.She splits and burns fat.The only effect of its use can be - acute gastrointestinal disease.

# 8

recipe miracle fat burning drink with sodium bicarbonate, that is, with soda, is very simple.One teaspoon dissolved in a glass of boiled water.And this drink "advisors" recommend drinking every day.You can imagine what effect this solution on the body.Soda will create a gastric acid medium.From this appetite is not reduced, and will be tested in some discomfort.It is also in violation of the gastrointestinal tract may rupture the duodenum that will cause bleeding.From this we can draw only one conclusion: use baking soda is extremely dangerous.And to lose weight from sodas impossible.Only bath of soda and salt can get rid of the extra kilos.But we should also remember that the body is displayed in the main liquid.