How to use baking soda for weight loss : 5 Ways

How to use baking soda for weight loss : 5 Ways
You will need:
  • soda
  • bath
  • water
  • sea salt
  • essential oils
  • honey or oatmeal
# 1

For a start it is worth mentioning a little about the properties ofsoda, thanks to which all are so eager to use this product in order to reduce weight.Is it true it helps to burn fat?In fact, there is a certain effect, because the skin under the influence of soda warms up, improves blood circulation, which means that accelerate the metabolism and fat will burn more quickly.But all this can be achieved only under the condition that an active lifestyle is conducted and complied with the rules of correct diet.In addition, soda, and it has an antibacterial effect and improves skin condition (for example, eliminating the acne and so-called "orange peel").All this explains the desire of people to use baking soda.In fact, such a product can not be called a magic bullet, but the effect is there.

# 2

Based on the foregoing, we can tell you how to use baking soda for weight loss.The first way - is a classic s

oda bath.For the procedure to be effective, it is important to take a responsible approach to training.So, first you need to get water bath.The temperature should be about 38-40 degrees, no more!Temperature must be sure to comply with, or otherwise will not effect or will the likelihood of harm to health.Then you need to take 200 grams of baking soda and dissolve it in hot water (not boiling water in).Water required approximately 500 ml.Then the mixture must be poured into the bath.You can then go directly to the procedure itself.Next - how to take a bath right.

# 3

When taking a bath is important to follow some rules.Firstly, immersed in water to gently and gradually, so that the body has got used to the water.Lying down is not completely necessary, it is best to sit down to the waist and watered periodically problematic areas (located in the upper part of the body) of the bath water.When the water has cooled slightly, add hot (do not forget at the same time on the temperature regime).Duration of treatment should not exceed 20 minutes, and if such a bath is taken for the first time, it will be enough, and 5 minutes (then you can gradually increase the time).Total required 10 sessions, the interval between them should be 2-4 days.To repeat a course should not be earlier than 10-12 weeks after the previous one.

# 4

How to apply baking soda to diet in other ways?The second recipe - a soda bath with salt., Then everything is dissolved in fairly hot water and pour into a bath filled (temperature is the same as in the previous method), it is necessary to mix 500 grams of sea salt (it can be purchased in a pharmacy) with 300 grams of baking soda to prepare it.After the procedure should wrap myself in a towel, or even better to put on a gown.In addition, the adoption of such a bath is very relaxing, so it is necessary to relax an hour or two.And best of all to carry out this procedure right before going to sleep to, wrapped in a warm blanket, you can go to bed.This will only increase the effect, as soda, remaining on the skin, in the heat will continue to operate.

# 5

There is another recipe.A set of ingredients for it is a little different from that required for soda bath with salt.Thus, it is necessary: ​​200 grams of baking soda, 400 grams of sea salt, and 5-6 drops of essential oils (preferably take tangerine, orange, grapefruit, lemon, fir, or juniper).All this is to be dissolved in warm water and add to the bath filled.In this case, after the procedure, the skin will come from a pleasant aroma, it will become more soft and smooth.By the way, to enhance the action of soda, after taking a bath is not necessary to wash all with yourself and take a shower (if there are no unpleasant sensations, while the skin a little better rinse), it will allow soda, remaining on the body, to continue its action and after immersion in water.

# 6

How to take a soda to lose weight and become slim in a different way?There are ways.For example, the product can be used to make an effective scrub that will get rid of cellulite and to accelerate the process of burning nobody needs fat.So, to prepare such a wonderful tool, you just need to put on a cotton ball a little soda and treat them all the problem areas, and after 15-20 minutes, take a warm shower.And you can do a little bit different.So, if you mix baking soda with honey and oatmeal, then proskrabirovat all the problem areas of this composition and wash it off, the skin will not only be smooth and gentle, but also enriched with nutrients.This scrub can add other ingredients: essential oils, milled apricot or grape.

# 7

And finally, the last fifth way of using baking soda for weight loss - it is a reception inside.Generally, this method is used in medicine to eliminate such phenomena as heartburn or nausea.But will it help to lose weight soda solution?It is believed that if you drink a solution (1 teaspoon of baking soda per cup of water) to drink before or during a meal, the fats from food are digested much worse, which means that the weight will drop.In fact, poorly assimilated products are other components, including vitamins.But fats are absorbed in the intestine, so that they have no effect will not be provided.Also, if the composition of the drink and often large quantities, it can harm the health, in particular the acidity of the break (which may lead to gastritis).Food process will be broken, but the extra weight will not go away.

# 8

In conclusion, you need to write about contraindications to the use of baking soda.For soda baths should not be taken for women who have any disease of the reproductive system.In addition, such a procedure is contraindicated in people with cardiovascular disease and hypertension.Not worth the risk to asthmatics and allergy sufferers.In addition, a bath can be dangerous for those who recently underwent surgery.With regard to the soda solution for oral administration, it is not necessary to use this method for those who have diseases of the digestive system (gastritis or ulcers), as the situation may worsen.And in any case, before applying the soda of any kind should visit their doctor and consult with him.