Baking soda to diet at home

Baking soda to diet at home
You will need:
  • Opinion of the candidate of medical sciences
  • Pros soda diet
  • aromamaslah
  • Cons soda diet
  • Medical consultation, contraindications
  • Soda, reviews
# 1

Almost every lady of the house is in the presence of baking soda.In recent months, there was a general chaotic hype on the Internet and many are interested in the question: "Is it true that soda is very effective for weight loss?"The candidate of medical sciences Elena Zueva confidently asserts that using sodium hydroxide (soda) the possibility exists to lose weight, but that does not mean that the body fat is not completely disappear.Trying to fight obesity, people are constantly coming up with a variety of weight loss methods, but at the moment they are very interested in it gidroksidovaya diet: Bath and miracle drink with the addition of soda.This method of weight loss is very popular and it is used by quite a number of people who want to effectively lose weight without doing fitness.

# 2

baking soda is used for wei

ght loss in the form of baths, which not only relax the body, purify it from negative energy accumulated for the whole day, but also accelerate limfotchesky process of the blood system, through which split subcutaneous fat,and thus the weight loss.To take a bath gidroksidovuyu need to dial into it about two hundred liters of hot water.And the hotter it is, the procedure is effective.Thus, after water is suffused into the bathroom must be dissolved therein hundred grams of baking soda.For such a procedure does not require a lot of effort, but the result will be there, because after taking a soda bath can lose up to one and a half kilograms (the first day).If one day to repeat it, then lost on a daily basis not less than five hundred grams.

# 3

Baking soda diet in combination with sea salt not only fits well, but also normalizes water balance, stimulates the excretion of toxins and metabolic processes.Also, it displays the body of toxins.That is why natural is performed to get rid of extra kilos.There is an opportunity to strengthen the intensity of weight loss, if you add in the bathroom essential aroma oils.However, it is not necessary to pour into the tank a lot of them: it is enough to be two - three drops.It is recommended to use orange, lemon or tangerine oil.Also suitable conifer.If you combine baking soda, salt and aromatic oils will drain effect: the fight against cellulite.By the way, it is possible not only to alternate, but also combine: add every one drop (of pine and citrus).

# 4

In no case can not drink soda in large quantities.Lose weight this way is meaningless: in spite of the fact that a weak solution of sodium hydroxide and water is useful, getting into the stomach, it upsets the acidity.Of course, the food will be absorbed better, but this will not affect the absorption of fat, as it is done not in the stomach and in the intestine.Because of this broken and the absorption of other ingredients, since all the nutrients begin to flow into the body more slowly than usual and may worsen diseases of the stomach.Not very helpful and soda baths, as in the time of their adoption is very dry out the skin.This procedure must be repeated every other day, and after it is recommended not to wash off all the ingredients to great effect.So food diet soda is effective, but not useful.

# 5

Soda diet for weight loss, as well as a bath with it is not recommended to those who suffer from cardio - vascular vegetative - vascular diseases.Also, it can not abide those who have any type of tumor: benign and malignant.You also can not experiment and women who are in the position.It is necessary to remember that the fat, this diet does not eliminate?Only from the liquid.Her calcified species can help wash the dishes well, dissolve the fat on it, but inside it is possible to take only a reasonable rate.If you often drink to drink, in which the presence of sodium hydroxide, the body can occur poisoning.Incidentally, with regard to water treatment, they also do not get rid of fat, but from the liquid.Therefore it is better to use other methods of weight loss.

# 6

Despite the fact that the diet soda and bath with sodium hydroxide is not particularly common, the Internet has a lot of feedback about these miraculous and original procedures.They share their experiences, achievements, and the opposite - disappointment.Many tell us that diet soda is very effective help lose weight, but definitely need to simultaneously engage in fitness and drinking different teas for weight loss.With this mode you can throw five hundred grams.Not everyone is happy with the final result: say that a couple of months just dropped one kilogram, and had to switch to another method of losing weight.Few people just drink a magic drink soda and takes a bath, since it is not enough.By this people are trying to include in these procedures proper nutrition and exercise.

# 7

Doctors and nutritionists against diet soda and decision hydroxide baths.However, if you have already decided to reduce the weight of such a method, it is necessary to know the presence of any diseases, you should not lose weight this way.In addition to hypertension and vegetative - vascular diseases can not comply with these procedures to women who suffer for - feminine.Those who underwent surgery (no matter what the severity), allergies, and for people who have lung problems (asthma, myocardial laryngotracheitis) in the past two years.In all other cases, such as soda bath, and a drink for weight loss are resolved.However, it is worth remembering that even if you previously did not have the propensity to allergies, it does not mean that it will not now.If this happens, you need to rinse the solution from the body.

# 8

Soda - the active component, it is recommended to use a very vigilantly.To do this, you must follow some safety techniques.As for weight loss, in this process, sodium hydroxide is very rezultativen.Unfortunately, soda virtually no useful properties, but the results are amazing eye on this, many are trying to lose weight is so slimming method, despite the advice of doctors and nutritionists, who call to lose weight through proper diet and exercise.