Drinking diet soda : practical tips

Drinking diet soda : practical tips
You will need:
  • sea salt
  • essential oil
  • water
  • body cream
# 1

problem of excess weight worries today a large part of the population.Slimming people are willing to give any more money for the funds, which help to fight excess weight.However, not everyone knows that there is such a product, which is available at the price of absolutely everything and struggling with excess weight is not bad.This product is known as baking soda.Soda effectively struggles with being overweight due to the fact that helps cleanse the body, the removal of harmful substances from it, which hinder the process of losing weight.In addition, the soda makes the skin smooth and supple, it helps to speed up metabolism.It should also be noted that the consumption of soda to the body more safely than many other slimming.

# 2

Reception soda diet allows you to lose weight, the effect is not nothing worse than after the expensive tools designed to combat obesity.Thus, it is possible to employ baths with addition of se

a salt, and soda.It is important to prepare a bath, which will solve the problem of excess weight correctly.Therefore, the proportions must be followed salt, baking soda and water.In 150 or 200 liter bath need to use a pound of sea salt and 200 grams of soda.We should also pay attention to the water temperature.It should not be cold.The approximate water temperature should be 39 degrees is smooth, but it is possible and a little more.The higher the water temperature, the stronger the effect.However, it should be noted that much heat can harm.

# 3

As for the number of sessions required for the onset of weight loss effect, their number is equal to 10 procedures.After a short time, if necessary, the procedure can start again.Regarding the duration of one procedure it should be noted that to take a bath with soda should be no longer than 20 minutes.After that, body rinse water is not necessary.It will be enough to get wet wet skin with a towel, and then take cover with a blanket and lie down in a relaxed state for hours.Ideally, take a bath before going to bed should be.In order to enhance the effect of the bath with baking soda, as well as to generate additional charge of positive emotions and the best relaxation is allowed to add a small amount of essential oil in the bath.

# 4

possible use of diet soda inside.If dilute a small amount of baking soda in a glass of water, it will lead to a decrease in appetite, hunger will cease to trouble and hence the daily diet become less nutritious.This drink, like water with soda does not allow the fats absorbed.As a result, extra weight begin to rapidly disappear and the person loses weight.However, despite all the advantages of this method of losing weight, yet in this way it has one very big disadvantage.The thing is that if you drink this drink can lead to the formation of small ulcers in the stomach, and this is very serious.Therefore, when using a soda drink should consult with a specialist.That he can give the exact dosage that will be less harmful for the body.

# 5

The use of baking soda to diet may not only into the quality of the product or use in the preparation of baths.Possible to use baking soda as a means of replacing the scrub.Especially useful to apply soda massage movements to those areas of the body that have the greatest amount of body fat.This is usually the thighs, buttocks and stomach and arms.After taking a shower, you should fill in his hand a small amount of soda and massage movements rub it into the skin.Movement should not be strong or harsh, otherwise the skin may appear minor abrasions or scratches that will pinch of baking soda and blush.Therefore, we must carefully, without the use of force to put soda.After application, the so-called scrubs, you need to wash the body with soda and apply skin cream.

# 6

Those who, after application to the skin irritation appear soda, it may be advisable to use a scrub in a different way.A total of all it is necessary to mix a small amount of baking soda with any nourishing cream, which has a fatty consistency.Thus, the soda will act on the skin is much softer and irritation should not be.Despite the fact that soda is connected with a cream, still be washed off after use such means and applied to the skin cream.This can be anti-cellulite cream, as well as firming, nourishing and moisturizing cream.

# 7

Efficiency soda diet proved and can not be questioned.Soda contains a chemical compound that leads to that formed in the body break down fats.As a result of toxins, toxins and other harmful components are eliminated from the body, and there is a process of purification.Moreover, it is baking soda leads to normal metabolic processes in the body that also plays a huge role in weight loss.In connection with all the above, we can safely say that the use of soda actually leads to weight loss.It's truly magical product that can solve many problems, reflected in the figure, and not the most favorable.It is only important to properly use baking soda and know the contraindications to its use.