Soda and Salt Diet : bath with baking soda and salt

Soda and Salt Diet : bath with baking soda and salt
You will need:
  • Soda
  • Salt Water
# 1

Almost every woman in any of the periods of his life, is faced with the problem of weight loss.Obesity, of course, does not bring happiness to anyone.Every woman wants to look constantly taut and graceful beauty.In addition, the body is burdened with excess weight, prone to various diseases.Slimming Secrets at everyone, as ways to lose a huge amount of weight.However, the problem lies in the fact that for one person to be fit enough to not eat after six in the evening, while others require a rigid, even extreme diet unloading "hungry" days, the third requires a set of measures: dietary restrictions, the daily loadgym and SPA-procedures for weight loss.

# 2

If visiting the gym is not enough money or free time, and dieting is a difficulty, that is, certain procedures for weight loss right at home that do not require large expenditures, and it is not difficult in execution.Such procedure is a bath salt and soda.It has long been known - on the basis

of what will be added to the bath, it will have on the body toning, refreshing, invigorating influence, or on the contrary, calm down and relax.Taking a bath can be transformed into a ritual, observing certain rules which will get a good skin care.Before taking a soda-salt bath, should explore some of the recommendations and follow them in order to feel the effect of the bath to the fullest.

# 3

So, it is best to take a bath in the evening, about an hour and a half before sleep.Also, for an hour before taking a bath should not eat, and after the procedure is necessary for another 2 hours do not overload the body with food.Not bad, if the front of the bathroom peeling is carried out, because after it the nutrients better penetrate the skin and quickly learned.Prior to the procedure, after it, and in time of need to drink water without gas - it promotes the best excretion of excess fluid.For the ultimate relaxation, you must create the bathroom comfortable - you can turn on soft music, light a scented candle, put his head under the small cushions.

# 4

After the bath should be applied to the body of a suitable nourishing cream or butter and a little lie down in bed, to secure the effect obtained from the treatments.Now you should understand why diet recommend a bath with baking soda and salt.Salt nourishes the skin and nourishes it with minerals, as well as fighting against cellulite.Soda and salt diet, deduce all toxins, waste products and toxins from the body, as well as contribute to the incredible acceleration of metabolic processes in the body, that is, the adoption of such a bath is the most powerful body cleansing.Moreover, by itself, soda activates the lymphatic system and is great effect on the skin, making it taut, elastic, silky and soft and prevents the absorption of fat.Soda relieves symptoms of allergies or skin inflammations.

# 5

not hurt to add a bath, or any essential oils that contribute to weight loss, because it will also improve overall health.For example, orange oil, ylang-ylang, jasmine, cardamom, cinnamon and jasmine have anti-cellulite effect, but for detoxification is well suited eucalyptus oil.Essential oils are not to be added to the water, namely a mixture of salt and soda, or simply in water they do not cover the surface and absorbed into the skin.The best way to lose weight, take the salt-soda baths courses 10 procedures periodically through the day.The optimal duration of the bath is 20 minutes, but it is better to start with a shorter time, for example, the first time - 10 minutes, the second - 15 minutes, and the third and all subsequent time - 20 minutes.

# 6

Between courses you need to do a compulsory break of at least one month.To prepare the bath need soda, salt, and of course, water.Paul kilogram of sea salt mixed with 0.3kg of baking soda.All that is necessary to mix a small amount of water to obtain a homogeneous liquid.The mixture, which has turned out, to add to the water, the temperature of which must be strictly fall into the gap from 36 to 39 degrees, but not above.Of course, by itself, hot water contributes to more rapid weight loss, but it's pretty bad for overall health, so it is best not to deviate from the specified temperature.In such a bath is not recommended to go to bed, it is better just to sit in the water.This is due to the fact that water should not put the heart area, or there might be problems with pressure.

# 7

Rinse off the remnants of salt and baking soda are not recommended, as part of continuing to work after taking a bath, it is better to lie down under a blanket, pre-wrapped in a warm robe, at least for an hour.Unfortunately, like any other method of losing weight for the body, bath containing soda and salt also has a number of contraindications.If a person has some health problems, or any chronic disease, to accept such baths should be treated with caution, and perhaps completely abstain from them, to do no harm.Thus, the soda-salt baths are forbidden to accept people who suffer from any disturbances in the cardiovascular system, hypertension and varicose veins.These baths are absolutely contraindicated in pregnant women.