Kefir is soda and diet

Kefir is soda and diet
You will need:
  • Kefir
  • Soda Water
# 1

Every girl dreams of a good figure, but to achieve this, alas, is not as simple.Female body at the genetic level is prone to storing fat for future children.The body "thinks" like this: "If have to have children, that should be enough forces, and the strength of what?The fat reserves, of course.Suddenly, there will always be a reserve in order to preserve the life of your child!".That is why women are also prone to fat accumulation, which is not so pleasing to the eye.Men are also prone to obesity, but they have fat is stored mainly in the internal organs, which, in fact, more dangerous to health.Probably every woman feels a contentment when she, as in the song Lolita - "You lost weight," make similar compliments.In today's world, where everything is obsessed with thinness and models weigh 40 kilograms overweight - sentence.

# 2

This immediately causes a lack of confidence and develops complexes.For this, start the process of losing weight, you

must first from the psychological side.It is necessary to accept the body and spirit, to love yourself.And then proceed to the physical transformation.Diets are not so simple is as they seem at first glance.Holding out a day or two is easy, but then the difficulties begin, and almost always failures - weight return.According to this, the ideal is, anyway, a balanced diet in small portions 3-4-5 times a day.This will not only lose weight but also, most importantly, keep the weight in "grown thin" category, as it is known, is not so simple.Often you can also hear applications such as: "It is thin, because she has a fast metabolism!".And this is true, people with rapid exchange of substances do not have a concept of what is overweight.

# 3

intestine running on the clock, there is no constipation.It looks like a fairy tale?Not at all.Fortunately, the metabolism can be "run" and make it faster, it will not take long results.The faster the intestine, the lower stool lies too long in it, weighing the body and poisoning him every day.In order to have a "quick" gut to remember a series of actions that will help in this.That's a lot of fluid, small sweets and starchy foods, sport, moderate power, but not fasting, massage, sauna, sexual intimacy.Foods-mates in this case include yogurt, boiled beets, green tea, citrus, ginger, nuts, spices and so on. D. First of all, you need to drink plenty of water.It is necessary to enter into the habit of drinking a glass after wake-up, a glass 20 minutes before each meal, and in between.

# 4

Water accelerates the metabolism and nourishes the body and dilutes the blood is too thick after sleep.You can drink water with lemon, it also brings results.Water and soda is also good for weight loss.Soda - generally universal tool for weight loss, as well as for cosmetic procedures and other everyday problems.Soda has the ability to interfere with the absorption of fat in the body.Very often the slimming soda is used in the form of baths.In cosmetology, baking soda is added to the shampoo.It gives the hair shine and strength.Another method to accelerate the metabolism is a drink of soda and buttermilk.Many "dietchitsy" believe that the yogurt and soda for the diet - an indispensable product.Kefir helps to cleanse the intestines, and the "couple" with soda is added to the purification and prevents the deposition of fat.

# 5

But there are a few rules to keep in mind when using soda.Firstly, soda, despite all its advantages, brings great harm to the body at doses.The fact that soda with carbon dioxide saturates the body and thereby causes bloating and flatulence.Also, it should be remembered that the ash is very dangerous, you need to treat it gently to the skin and eyes.Second, dosage of soda.Preparing a drink of soda and buttermilk should know exactly how much soda you need to lose weight without side effects.In a glass of buttermilk must take no more than half a teaspoon.Third, when it is better to drink this drink?Soda fasting for weight loss helps to awaken the body, together with a friend - metabolism.The only downside is the possible "surprises" during the day.

# 6

More specifically, will want to use the toilet after the adoption and may periodically throughout the day.If you drink a drink at night, instead of dinner, in the morning, "coming out" all at once and all day with no problems.Fourth, we should not wait for the results tomorrow.They will come gradually, but it will be very noticeable.The intestines will work quickly and with constipation problems will be forgotten.The fifth factor is the need for systematic use.Soda should be consumed every day throughout the cycle.Cycle should not be longer than 2 weeks.This is the best indicator.So it will be good and no harm to the body.Sixth, it should be remembered that it breaks.Between cycles worth pausing.They should be about a month or two.

# 7

some people and does not repeat the cycle, while others regularly come back to such a diet.Particularly relevant this diet after the holidays and get-togethers at the table: everything will go without even having time "to sit."The seventh point, in fact, has no relation to the use of soda, but rather is carried out as a supplement.This point is called the water.It is necessary to drink a lot and well, that is, before a meal.In addition, it should be understood that in some way the drink acts as a mild natural laxative.According to this, if you want to work in the morning, it is worth to get up early to give time and opportunity gut "emptied".So you can avoid embarrassing situations and sudden problems.Finally, be sure to take care of the mood.In any endeavor, first and foremost, you need to have confidence in a positive result.