Growing Goji seed in the Moscow region

Growing Goji seed in the Moscow region
You will need:
  • seeds or fruit plants Goji
  • Substrakt
  • Tanks
  • Water
# 1

Among gardeners, lovers of exotic, natural food connoisseurs are now very popular plant BerryGoja Tibetan or barberry.This shrub is known more from 650 years to our era.Tibetans valued and appreciated cleansing, rejuvenating and healing properties of this plant.The berries contain a lot of minerals, including iodine, iron, zinc.Goji Berries are used in the treatment of adenoids, nose and throat diseases.Fruits effectively fight obesity by regulating appetite.The substances contained in the fruits of normalized pressure, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol.Goji successfully cultivated indoors, even in Siberia.Many gardeners like to have at such a miracle tree as goji berries.Growing up in the suburbs of the plant does not pose any particular difficulties.

# 2

Tibetan barberry is not difficult to grow from seed.Then plant bloom already in the second year of life, and after four or five years it will be possible to

collect good yields.To extract goji seeds, berries soaked for 5 - 8 minutes in warm water, and then carefully taken out of their fetus.Then soaked in a growth stimulator, for example, in Epinay 2 hours.Ground substrate made from peat and loam in the ratio of 1: 2 can be used, and other neutral ground average looseness.Seeds sown, scattering on the surface of the earth.Bury not more than 2 - 3 millimeters.Otherwise thin the sprouts will be difficult to reach the top.The container should be covered with plastic wrap and put into a warm dark place.As soon as the first shoots of capacity put on the scattered sunlight.Cellophane is not removed, then the soil will not dry out.

# 3

If the cover is removed, the shoots should be carefully sprayed with water as needed.It is important that the soil does not dry up even for a short time.Otherwise, sprouts may die.It is necessary to monitor and to ensure that seedlings are not worked on drafts or hot air from the heating battery.A couple of weeks after the onset of germs from the film container is removed and the plants watered as the drying of the soil.When the plants will be the second pair of true leaves, each dive in a separate container with a diameter 5-7cm and a depth of at least 8 cm, since the root system begins to grow fast.You can grow Goji Berry home.Then we must take care of wintering plants within 10 degrees.Is it possible in late spring to plant the plants in the suburban area.

# 4

Tibetan barberry - cold-resistant plants and can withstand temperatures right up to minus thirty degrees.Now, in the winter in Moscow is rarely the temperature is below this mark, so that the plant will grow well in the area.To do this, make the planting hole, poured humus, a little fertilizer, pour water and planted seedlings grown at home.Better to do it in the middle - the end of May.Goji plants quickly started up in growth.Caring for them is quite simple.Goji Berry has almost no pests, so chemicals are not required treatment.In the dry summer watering shrubs periodically.As the plants form, making pruning.From Goji received an excellent hedge or decoration for the garden.Against the background of thick foliage colors first and then red berries look great.

# 5

to err, late autumn, you can hide the roots of spruce branches plants.Then the bush will not be afraid of hard frost below - 30 degrees.Collect ripe fruit should be with caution.Fruit, in contact with human skin causing oxidative reaction.The points of contact with the fruits of there skin blackening.Therefore, under a bush lay the cloth, cellophane or other flooring and branches being shaken.After that, the fruit can be dried directly in this deck, but in the shade.In addition to the use of such a plant looks very impressive and refreshing site.Neighbors, passersby, friends will certainly be interested in exotic and beautiful want to grow the same beauty at home or in the garden.