Where to buy in Moscow seedlings Goji ?

Where to buy in Moscow seedlings Goji ?
You will need:
  • computer, laptop or tablet
  • magazine for gardeners
  • Internet access
  • Money
# 1

Not all gardeners know about this interesting plant,as the Goji.But in Tibet, it has been known since time immemorial.Its medicinal properties have started to apply more to 650 BC.e.Fruits Goji or Tibet barberry is not for nothing called the means of thousands of illnesses.Because they contain vitamins B and C in a large amount, as well as minerals, polysaccharides, which are not available in other products.Goji berries can work wonders.They rejuvenate and purify the blood, helping to get rid of back pain from the impact of stress, the normal passage of pregnancy.Excellent effect gives Tibetan barberry diabetes, visual impairment, anemia.Infusion of fruits promotes sleep.The berries help fight viruses, toxins, strengthen the lungs and kidneys, improves the functioning of the nervous system.

# 2

But that's not all the properties of the plant.Eating the fruits can reduce appetite and thus ge

t rid of obesity.Moreover, the bush has a beautiful view, is able to give any dacha special charm.It is not surprising that such a miracle plant, many would like to have in their suburban gardens.And the cultivation of this crop does not present much difficulty.It grows well in southern and mid-latitudes of our country, withstanding winter temperatures down to - 30 °.Many gardeners with site outside Moscow like to plant a shrub Goji on his farm.To do this, you need to know where you can buy goji plants in Moscow.The best option would be the purchase of planting material in Michurinskom garden Timiryazev Academy, the Institute of Horticulture nurseries or similar to the "name".

# 3

But here are grown mostly apples, pears, cherries, and even cherries with apricots.A Goji except that you can only see in the Botanical Garden.But do not despair, who is looking for, as we know, always find.Having looked through the internet pages you can find sites that sell not only berries, but saplings Goji.At http: // www.Esveld.nl / engels.php Dutch businessmen sell saplings Goji $ 10 apiece.Sends a private nursery seedlings only 4 countries, including Russia.So for Muscovites, who are not looking for easy ways buy foreign curiosities - a great option.For those who do not want to go through impassable thorns to the stars - provided steps easier.

# 4

goji shrub growing in the USSR under the name "Lycium Barbarum".When Ukraine, as well as some other countries separated, then with it are gone and wolfberry plantation.Now, in the middle zone of the bush is hard to find, but it is growing in Ukraine as a wild plant.In some it adorns the gardens.In this regard, another good option of purchase wolfberry - turn to friends in Ukraine, sent to a seedling post.But the question is, how heat-loving plant will feel in the middle latitudes?Although due to the global warming come frosts in Moscow ceased to be surprised by high temperatures, and in the winter the plant can cover lutrasilom, spruce branches, or other cover material.

# 5

looking through private ads can be found and those which deal with the sale of Lycium Barbarum.They sent to Moscow at the expense of the buyer.You can try your luck at Avito, similar sites or look for ads in magazines for gardeners.Here you can buy goji plant at 450 rubles for one.Plant height of 25 to 40 cm. After managed to become the owner of the branches and roots, it is necessary to put it correctly and create the conditions for growth.

# 6

for permanent pre-prepared holes for the seedlings.The earth dug round holes the size of 50 × 50 × 50 centimeters.Each part is poured a glass of superphosphate (200 g) is put a bucket of humus (8 - 10 kilograms), 30 - 40 grams of wood ash or potassium sulfate.All this is thoroughly mixed with a shovel.The deepening poured a bucket of water.Then you need to put the seedling and straighten the roots in the middle.If he closed root system (with a clod of the earth), then it's fine.Then the healing guarantee above.On top of the roots carefully poured a mixture of humus, a large river sand and garden soil in a ratio of 1: 1: 1 between a plant planted at a minimum distance of 2 meters.Root neck deepened slightly.Humus or peat mulch tree trunks.

# 7

can buy and Goji seedling to grow at home.Then the plant will please his master constantly.It will be possible every day to watch the development of wolfberry and enjoy the charming appearance of the first flower, first, and then not less beautiful fruit from it.