How to take goji for improvement ?

How to take goji for improvement ?
You will need:
  • Goji berries
  • Recipes
# 1

Even in ancient times, Chinese doctors knew about the miraculous properties of the miraculous goji berries, which became known as an effective and natural tonic.Today we know a lot of recipes, which you can safely add this natural product.That is why there is no question of goji berries are taken to improve their health.dried berries can easily be used in pure form.If desired, they can be soaked in a relatively small number of simple boiled water is also recommended to add berries to various desserts, sugary yogurt, smoothies, pastries and dry cereal.

# 2

So, if you still somebody does not know what goji how to make these berries, then it will be useful for the following information.For the human body is very useful special medicinal tincture, for the preparation of which it is necessary to take the berries (about 50 grams) and a Chinese vodka 45 degrees (exactly 500 milliliters).The berries are washed, then are dried using a simple paper towe

l, and then shifted into a glass container and filled with vodka.Infused medication throughout the night and in the morning it is already possible to take.It is important to remember that taking tinctures conducted strictly in the morning and evening, and the dosage is 10 milliliters.

# 3

This tincture perfectly strengthens the immune system, and helps reduce the incidence of blood sugar.It is recommended to use at frequent dizziness and blurred vision.Not knowing how to take goji, you can use the following recipe with ginger ice cream and goji.In this case, you will need to take these ingredients - cream (exactly 500 milliliters), yolk egg (three things), goji berries are ripe (about 50 grams), liqueur cassis (exactly 50 tons milliliters), fresh figs (five or sixstuff), dried figs (five or six stuff).If desired, you can use any liquor, not only black currant.

# 4

As soon as all the components are fully prepared, you can proceed directly to the cooking process.First you need to take a pre-chilled egg yolks, then whisk them thoroughly with sugar.Then add the cream in small portions, thus it is impossible to cease beating the yolks.The resulting mixture is poured into the prepared small saucepan, which is placed on the fire, mix constantly thwarted and brought to a boil.However, it is important to see to it that it does not start to boil, otherwise it will have to start all over again.

# 5

goji berries are soaked in liquor black currant or any other liquor, and left for a while.At this time, it is taken dry figs and cut melenko then shifted in a saucepan in which now it is necessary to pour a small amount of boiling water and put on fire.It is necessary to allow the liquid to boil, now the fire is screwed to a minimum and introduced soaked in liquor goji berries - all carefully mixed and the saucepan is removed from the heat.

# 6

In the next step of preparation is necessary to connect the goji berries and figs, creamy mass is introduced - all the components necessary to mix thoroughly with a wooden spatula and leave for a while to cool slightly.This is a very important step, because on it will have to put in the freezer, and the hot mixture must not be frozen, since the dessert will be seriously damaged.

# 7

At the end is taken fresh figs and cut approximately 8-NIL parts, entered the ice cream, which by this time should cool down and for a time placed in a freezer to good frozen (if you can, then you canFor this purpose, use the freezer).Just before serving ice cream decorated with a small amount of figs, you can sprinkle with goji berries.Ice cream to be prepared for this recipe, it turns out not only incredibly gentle, but also very beneficial to human health.