How to use goji berries for weight loss : reviews and tips

How to use goji berries for weight loss : reviews and tips
You will need:
  • goji berries
  • water
  • blender
# 1

Before using goji berries, is to learn more about them.So, home to these wonderful fruits considered Tibet.By the way, other names these berries - it Boxthorn or ordinary Chinese, Tibetan or (red) barberry.There are other types of barberry (more than 40), but they do not possess such properties as goji.Now a little about the composition, which is truly rich in nutrients.For example, here it contains many important and essential amino acids, B vitamins, ascorbic acid, vitamin E, betaine, polysaccharides and more.All this is very useful to humans, which is why the goji berries are known and appreciated almost all over the world.But some, even knowing how to eat goji berries, do not even know what properties they possess.

# 2

next step - to learn about goji berries properties, which reviews state that this product really able to exert influence on the body.In particular, the substances contained here, contribute to the removal from the bo

dy of harmful toxins and cholesterol, and fiber improves digestion.Also worth noting is that the goji berries help the immune system and stimulate the processing of carbohydrates into energy, but not in excess fat.With regular use strengthens blood vessels and normalizes heart function and blood pressure.The blood sugar level drops.All these features combine to suggest that this product helps to make the weight loss process more efficient, safe fast, since there is enrichment of the body with vitamins.

# 3

And finally, it's time to find out as much as possible and it is necessary to use goji fruit to lose weight and improve health.Immediately it should be noted that eating goji should gradually as calorie is very high (about 250-320 calories per 100 grams of fresh berries).But to find this product very difficult fresh as its area of ​​growth is limited.But in the dried goji condition can be purchased in some stores.The first way to use - adding to various dishes.So, it combines perfectly with the fruits of goji meat and vegetables.When you add them as a condiment dishes acquire a spicy, sweet taste, which many people like.It is desirable to spread the berries when everything is almost ready, because in this case the fruit retain their aroma and flavor, as well as a maximum of useful substances.

# 4

can goji berries to eat with tea.On the palate they are sweet and spicy, a little reminiscent of raisins.So it is possible, for example, pour a cup of tea without sugar and eat a small handful of goji as a snack.Get a very tasty and healthy.Some dried fruits are added directly into the tea.To do this, you must make it (you can choose any variety, for example, zёlёny, black or hibiscus) and put 1 teaspoon of dried fruits per cup.To drink acquired taste and aroma of berries, he should give a little brew, enough for 10-15 minutes.Now you can drink tea.Soaked goji also possible and even necessary to eat, they will become softer and not so sweet, but the flavor is pleasant.

# 5

can add goji berries for weight loss reviews which are very positive, in desserts instead of sugar.Thus, the treat is not stale, but the use of such a product is much greater than that of sugar (a lower caloric content).For example, natural plain yogurt can put a handful of crushed fruit and stir everything.It turned out quite tasty.Some goji was added to baked goods, but that it did not acquire a special taste and aroma, so it is clear that it is pointless to do.You can also use the berries for making milkshakes, it will also be very tasty.

# 6

can be made from goji berries broth.To do this, take a tablespoon of dried fruit and a glass of water.Berries should be washed and the water should be boiled.Then goji filled with boiling water.It is best to use the infusion flask with a tight-fitting lid, to all the most valuable and useful left in the broth.Infuse fluid needed for 30-60 minutes.Then, the broth is filtered through cheesecloth and used in an amount of 100 ml, 2 times a day.This drink will help to improve skin tone and improve the immune system, and also give energy (and all that is important in weight loss).The remaining seeds goji berries you can eat, or add to any dish.

# 7

In the last step of the instructions should tell you about a review on the product and give a few tips for its use.With regard to diet, then get rid of excess demon effortlessly, using as a wonderful means of fat goji berries will not work.It is known by those who used the product.But at the same time, people who follow a diet, noted that the use of goji restrictions on food do not lead to a decline in strength, berries give energy and supply the body with vitamins, trace elements and minerals.But a day will be enough to eat 20-30 grams, no more.As for contraindications, it may be allergies or stomach pain (often these symptoms are observed in case of abuse).