How delicious to cook broccoli ?

How delicious to cook broccoli ?
You will need:
  • Broccoli
  • Eggs
  • Butter
# 1

Broccoli - a very useful product, preparing it quickly and simply.Despite this, prepare a delicious broccoli may not all housewives.It should be remembered that the broccoli - a perishable product, so do not store it for a long time in the refrigerator, can cause unpleasant smell.In order to preserve the maximum of vitamins, it is best to prepare broccoli steamed.First you need to disassemble the head into small florets, folded into a bowl of steamers, is preparing for a couple of broccoli is not long, about twenty minutes.Serve thus prepared cabbage with butter or sauce.The sauce for the broccoli is very easy to do this requires a mix two tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of lemon juice, chopped onion, a little mustard, salt.If there is a double boiler, you can boil broccoli - a pot of water to put on the fire, when the water boils, throw the cabbage and cook for about five minutes, but no more.Boiled broccoli on a plate, sprinkle with l

emon juice or sauce, sprinkle with sesame seeds, pine nuts, dill and parsley.

# 2

Just broccoli can be cooked in a frying pan.Divide the broccoli florets into pieces before frying them require parboiled.Onions cut into half rings, carrots grate, mix the eggs with the milk.Pans put on the fire, pour a little of refined sunflower oil, add a knob of butter and fry the onions, then carrots.Broccoli roll first in flour, then dip in the egg, roll in bread crumbs, to throw into the pan when the cabbage fry, pour the cream or sour cream, cover, reduce heat, simmer for ten minutes.Instead, you can use sour cream mayonnaise.This dish is complemented by green beans, bell pepper, tomatoes.You can cook a delicious omelet with broccoli.Cabbage divided into pieces, pour over boiling water, tomatoes and onion finely chopped, mix eggs with milk, salt, add spices.Skillet heat, put the butter and fry the onion, broccoli and tomatoes, pour the eggs with the milk, cover, reduce the heat.When grab omelet, sprinkle with grated cheese, with a spatula to fold the omelette in half, flip, fry for a few minutes.Ready omelet out onto a plate, garnish with greens.

# 3

Very tasty broccoli cooked in the oven.For cabbage casseroles should be divided into florets, folded into a bowl.Two large onions very finely chopped, simmered in a pan in butter until transparent, combine cabbage, two processed cheese grate, add to the bowl with broccoli.Mushrooms (mushrooms) to cut slices and fry in butter.Mix all the ingredients to drive three or four raw eggs, salt, add black pepper, parsley, mix well.The refractory form of grease with butter, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and sesame seeds, add weight to casseroles.Heat oven to a temperature of one hundred and seventy degrees and bake the gratin about thirty minutes.If an advance supply of puff pastry, you can quickly cook a delicious cake.Puff pastry roll, put them a form, greased with butter.Broccoli florets put in shape, three eggs mixed with cream, add salt, add spices, pour over the cabbage.Bake for about half an hour, ready cake sprinkled with dill and parsley.

# 4

broccoli can be prepared not only the main courses, but also a variety of soups.The fastest way to get the soup to cook it is necessary to chop the onion, potatoes cut into cubes, carrots cut into sticks, broccoli divided into small florets.Pot put on fire, put fifty grams of butter, fry the onion, then add the carrots, potatoes.Fry for five minutes, then pour the water, vegetable or chicken broth, salt, add spices, reduce heat and cook for half an hour.When the soup comes to a boil, throw the broccoli and cook for another five minutes.Then remove the pan from the heat, take the blender with the immersion nozzle, mash, pour the cream.Pour the soup into bowls, add finely chopped green coriander.Very tasty tomato soup with broccoli and peas.It is necessary to cook the broth chicken breast, put in it the sliced ​​potatoes and cook for another twenty minutes.In a frying pan fry the onions and carrots, add the tomato paste, pour in broth zazharku, toss green peas, salt, after the soup boils, it is necessary to add the broccoli when it is cooked, remove from heat.Before serving, remove the chicken breast, cut into pieces, bring back to the soup to the table with sour cream.