How to bake the chicken breast in the oven ?

How to bake the chicken breast in the oven ?
You will need:
  • chicken breasts
  • lemon juice
  • spices
  • oil
# 1

chicken is widely used in cooking for first and second courses, salads.Moreover, low fat requires compliance with the technological process of preparation.This is due to the fact that in violation of the basic rules of cooking, baking, or other ways you can get a completely opposite result - dry and tasteless breast.It should be noted that chicken meat is rich in easily digestible proteins, minerals, vitamins, amino acids.It goes well with many foods.Due to the low content of fat used in the diet of those people who are watching their weight and shape, as normalize metabolic processes in the body.

# 2

fairly simple recipe for how to bake chicken breast in the oven, is the use of soy sauce and spices to taste.To prepare four servings need two breasts, garlic, pepper, salt, lemon juice, onion, herbs and sauce directly.Cut the breast into two pieces and soaked in soy sauce for 10-15 minutes, so the meat has absorbed a suffic

ient amount of liquid.Note that the pieces need to stop periodically for a good impregnation.Very large pieces or whole chicken breasts soaked a few more - about half an hour.At the request of marinated fillets, you can add onion, garlic and your favorite spices.Salt is necessary in the event that a person accustomed to drink heavily salted dishes.But we must not forget that soy sauce gives the desired salty taste.

# 3

Opponents of soy sauce can offer the option of how to bake chicken breasts in the oven, using a lemon marinade.To prepare the dish of chicken breasts need lemon, garlic, onion, pepper, salt, herbs.A split chicken sprinkled with salt and pepper.Putting prepared fillet pieces in a deep bowl, you need to finely chop the herbs and sprinkle her chicken.Garlic and onions cut finely enough, then also sent to the overall dish.Washed lemon must be cut into smaller pieces and put on top of the chicken.To give lemon juice should cover and press down the load.In this form, leave the meat to marinate for 20-30 minutes.In the absence of such an amount of time you can pour the breast pieces before placing in the oven that will keep the juice inside the meat.

# 4

breast with orange filling.This option gives the preparation of refined taste and preserves the tenderness of the meat.To prepare the required pre-butchered chicken breasts, which are laid out on a greased baking tray with butter.Then skip ahead to the preparation of the composition for the lubrication of the meat, which gives a specific taste.Filling consists of egg whites, which are whipped to form a fluffy foam, a teaspoon of lemon juice, a pinch of salt.This is the first part of the fill.The other part is made from the juice of one orange and the same amount of low-fat yogurt.Mix two parts potting and thoroughly lubricate chicken pieces, covering a thick layer of the mixture.It is possible to taste add seasonings and spices, and then place in the oven to complete cooking, and browned.

# 5

chicken in foil.Foil used for baking a variety of dishes, because it avoids drying of products, while maintaining the juiciness and nutrients.Chicken breast (whole or cut in half) coated with a mixture of olive oil with herbs, salt, spices, then wrapped in foil.Attention is drawn to the fact that the surface of the foil was not broken.In the presence of gaps in the process of baking secreted juice and oil will flow to the pan, and the chicken becomes dryish and tough.To make the spice and originality of the dish can be added in the wholegrain mustard.Trained breast should be placed in a preheated oven for 30 minutes.The result is a tender meat, which will decorate the festive table or daily.

# 6

Citrus-nut breading.To prepare the marinade will need sea salt diluted in warm water.This solution breasts soaked 30-40 minutes, allowing evenly prosolit meat and make it more juicy.Next preparing breading.Peeled almonds Grate or finely cut, and then mixed with bread crumbs into prepared dish.Next, whipped egg, mixed with orange peel or lemon and pepper - to taste.Salt is not required, as the breasts have absorbed a sufficient amount of salt solution.Dried and broken-off breast dipped in pre-flour, then in egg mixture, then - in the batter.You can put on a baking sheet, baking in the oven or fry in a pan on both sides until golden brown.

# 7

Thus, the chicken can be endlessly to create culinary masterpieces, using the most simple food.A variety of recipes allows you to eat white meat very often, do not repeat on the same technology of preparation.Family and friends will appreciate the ability diligent housewife who seek to diversify the table with the same products, allowing a grateful responses in return.