How to pickle eggs perch : recipe

How to pickle eggs perch : recipe
You will need:
  • Perch
  • Cutting board
  • Carving knife
  • Sol
# 1

River perch - a very popular catch of fishermen and having important commercial fish.These fishermen know and how to cook from this excellent fish soup, and even how to smoke perch, much to pickle his calf and did not make them any difficulty.In order to make yastiks with caviar, it is necessary to cut and gut the fish.Cutting perch will not bring too much trouble, if you do not engage in tedious cleaning up thick scales, and immediately take evisceration and filleting, to further remove the scales along with the skin..It is important to know that before you cook perch fillets with salt and it should stand for 10-15 minutes at room temperature.The cooking time should be minimal, since the bass is rather medium-sized fish.

# 2

from the head and ridges remaining after the cut, you can cook a wonderful soup.To learn how to cook soup of perch, knows probably every woman.Perch is perfect for the preparation of this dish.For sup

porters of nutrition perfect culinary processing such as decoction for a couple.Before cooking perch, it is not necessary to clean it from the scales, as it is well separated from the cooked fish with the skin.Special attention should be caviar perch.With the right preparation, you can make out of it a beautiful salty snacks, as well as on the basis of it turns a wonderful caviar butter for sandwiches and delicious filling for pancakes.But you must remember that the salt can be only very fresh fish roe.The fish, which is stored for more than a day or two, is not suitable for this purpose.

# 3

Before pickle eggs perch, you need to free it from the cut with a sharp knife yastiks.This can be done using a special sieve, or even an ordinary spoon.Perform necessary very carefully to avoid damaging the delicate eggs.Prepared in this way the eggs should be placed in a glass container, cover with a little salt and gently stir.An hour later, will be ready to spawn.Her readiness can be determined according to taste.To salt and the eggs can be directly in yastiks, but in this case the time required for salting will increase significantly.Caviar can be salted in yastiks and tuzluchnym way.To this should be dissolved in the necessary amount of salt water and immersed in the resulting solution until the eggs necessary degree of salinity.To salting yastiks was faster, you can pre-snick of a sharp knife.