How to freeze vegetables for the winter ?

How to freeze vegetables for the winter ?
You will need:
  • vegetables
  • plastic bags
  • foil
  • oil
  • salt, spices
  • lemon
# 1

Vegetable dishes conquer not only for its taste,but the fact that they are extremely useful.Everyone knows that the most preferred eating it fresh vegetables.But what if you want to cook a dish of non-seasonal products?And what to do with an impressive crop of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant?Every gardener knows that in this situation comes to the aid of home canning: drying, salting, freezing.Knowing how to dry vegetables, as they preserve the right to be not in the winter of problems with a particular product, and in the autumn -vesenny period it will solve the problem so what to do with a solid yield.

# 2

Zamorozka- easiest home canning.How to freeze vegetables?First of all, you should stock up in small plastic bags.Each bag must be placed as much vegetables as you need for a single preparation.Thawed and re-frozen products is strictly forbidden.The freezing process will be faster, the better.Therefore, th

e freezer temperature should be as low as not to be directly freeze large volumes of vegetables.

# 3

frozen and stored vegetables better in some sections, to prevent ingress of foreign smell.Green peas and beans before freezing should be released from the pods.This will save space and eliminate the extra effort before to cook the vegetables in Aerogrill, for example.Carrots is most convenient to clean, cut into cubes or grate.Tomatoes can be cut into slices to freeze or cut into several pieces.Pepper, as well as pumpkin or zucchini can be purified from the seeds and skin and cut into cubes or slices.Before you bake the vegetables in foil, it will be enough just to open the freezer and pulled out already sliced ​​vegetables.

# 4

For lovers of stuffed peppers perfectly the way in which the lower part of the peppers is cut off, gets the seeds and peppers are inserted into each other.Such "pyramid" can be placed in bags and freeze.When frozen cauliflower head out to divide into florets.Potatoes and cucumbers for freezing are not suitable.After defrosting, they become watery and tasteless.To make vegetables in the finished dish an interesting flavor tint, they can marinate in a mixture of sunflower oil, salt, lemon juice and spices.Make it as easy as pickle vegetables for the kebabs.