How to pickle carp to dry ?

How to pickle carp to dry ?
You will need:
  • Fresh carp
  • Large salt
  • vinegar
  • Convenient wire
  • Enamelware
# 1

presented a huge selection of different on the shelves of modern shopsbeer snacks to suit all tastes.But what could be better than a homemade Taranco?Fish cooked on their own, much tastier, more aromatic and safer than the purchase.Only in this case, a person can be sure that the snack contains no harmful components and is done properly and safely.But actually cook it properly is not as easy as it seems at first glance.It knows how to do it, not every fisherman.For example, before drying carp, it is necessary to salt properly.In this case, the finished snack will fragrant, appetizing, delicious and moderately salty.Further details about how to do it.There are several basic and simple rules for pickling fish at home.

# 2

In general, it is as simple as jerk carp.It is worth noting that the correct salted fish can be stored for a very long time.The main thing is that she has to be very fresh.Best of all,

if the fish was caught just a few hours before salting.It is this snack is very tasty and with a long shelf life.Apart from the fish itself will also need a large table salt, vinegar, enamelware for storage and wires, in order to continue to hang the fish to dry after cooking.The first phase, which begins with salting - a water treatment and cleaning.To start each fish must be thoroughly rinsed under cold running water.Thus fins and scales scrape and remove any other way is not necessary.The head should also remain in place.

# 3

Once the fish cleaned, it must be cleaned.But removed from each rybinki only inside.The most convenient way to clean them is long and thin with a sharp knife.This should be done so as not to damage the carcass itself.For further salting will also need to make a long longitudinal section on the back of the fish.So, how to pickle carp?After the cleaning is finished, we can start to fill in the carcass salt.It must completely fill the places where were previously the interior of the fish, and salt should be thick to pour into the incision on the back of it and rub the entire surface of the fish skin.Importantly, it should choose the coarse salt, as only in this case, on the surface of the fish will not form a rigid crust, and the resulting brine will be better able to penetrate and impregnate the carcase.

# 4

Now we can start to lay the carp in the prepared enamel bowl.For example, it can be pan.ware size depends on how much it will fish prosalivatsya.Stacked carp in the pan layers - a layer of fish and then a layer of salt, etc. When the container is full, it will need to tightly close the lid, which is slightly less than the circumference of the top of the pan and put something heavy...Salted fish should be just under the pressure.It is also important to choose a place where the future will be located in the pan with the fish.This should be quite dark and cool place.But in direct sunlight to keep the container with Karasik impossible.It is better to remove them, for example, in the pantry or cellar, where a dark, cool and easy it is to protect the pot with carp from insects.

# 5

This recipe will tell you how to pickle carp easily and quickly.As for timing, for medium-sized fish will need one to two weeks.During this time, the carp have time to qualitatively prosolitsya.Of course, it is important to regularly drain the liquid from the tank and do not forget about it.The larger the fish, the longer it will need to keep in a pot of brine.Importantly, do not remove the carp from the vessel ahead of time.This is one of the main rules of how to pickle carp to dry properly.After salting it's time to start to dry fish.First, it should be a little rinse with water by adding a little vinegar in the process.And then hang.It is very important to hang down fish tail instead of the head.Otherwise, all the brine can flow out.The preferred pass through the wire through the eye sockets.So carp will conveniently and securely hang.

# 6

quality and fast all future Taranka will dry in a dark room that is well ventilated.And also very important to avoid contact with it to direct sunlight.Salted carp should be in a cool dry place.Of course, the room should not be flies, mosquitos and other insects.Protect them from the fish will help the most common mosquito nets that will be able to be purchased at any specialty store.In general, repeat this recipe yourself at home is very simple.Ready carp will be a great snack to pennomu cold beer and allow to surprise guests with their culinary skills.Surely soon the first batch of salty dried Karasik will be eaten and would have to re-ask for help with this recipe.