How to make shawarma at home without mayonnaise ?

How to make shawarma at home without mayonnaise ?
You will need:
  • Armenian lavash
  • Chicken
  • Cabbage
  • Smetana
  • Cucumbers
# 1

One of the most popular dishes of the modern fast food - shawarma or shaverma.This dish is a meat with vegetables and spicy sauce wrapped in a sheet of Armenian lavash.Unfortunately, shawarma, bought at fast food places often is a product whose quality is sometimes questionable.However, learning about how to make shawarma at home, you can cook this delicious dish of healthy and natural ingredients.Homeland charms considered the Middle East, which is a dish prepared from ancient times.In Russia, shawarma is most popular in the 90s of the last century, when every street kiosk that sells fast food, offering consumers this tasty, but not always quality "delicatessen".

# 2

Talking about how to make shawarma at home, it should be clarified that the filling options for this dish there are so many.Usually it is - the meat ingredient, vegetables and sauce.But the variety of these components can be varied, able to meet

the individual preferences of every gourmet.It is also advisable to add Shawarma favorite spices, fresh herbs, and savory sauces.Proponents of vegetarianism can make shawarma products exclusively from vegetable origin, and people seeking to lose weight - from diet and low-calorie ingredients.So, for starters, you can bring the most popular recipe classical shawarma - with chicken and vegetables in a pita.

# 3

By choosing the ingredients for this dish should be treated with the utmost responsibility, because of their quality and usefulness depends on the taste of the final product.Pita bread should be fresh and soft, without holes.Otherwise, pita bread is too dry will break and crack.Experienced cooks are advised to freeze even pita bread and then slowly thawed at room temperature.In this case, the basis for the shawarma is particularly gentle and soft.Instead, you can use the Armenian lavash Mexican tortilla cake, but it is more expensive and much less common in convenience stores.Fresh meat is not necessary to cook on the grill, as it is done in a fast food restaurant or street stalls.The chicken can be baked in the oven or fry in a pan, and then used for the preparation of shawarma.

# 4

In the process of cooking meat it is important not to overdry it, so it is advisable to heat treatment product marinate in lemon juice or wine with spices.The sauce has a special role in creating home shawarma.The easiest option - to mix ketchup and mayonnaise, and lubricate the composition obtained sheet of lavash.However, if time allows, why not make a sour cream sauce with garlic and herbs or spicy tomato sauce with spices?Also worth a separate talk about the process of wrapping the filling in pita bread.Sauce lubricate the entire surface of the substrate, retreating a couple of centimeters from the edges.Stuffing spread slightly retreating from the edge.Then pita wrap roll.Having made two turns, should be wrapped into the sides of the pita shawarma and continue twisting until a neat roll.

# 5

shawarma wrap is recommended to gently bake in the oven or fry in a pan grill The fastest option - to heat the dish in the microwave before serving.You can, of course, eat shawarma and cold, but in the form of heat is much tastier.So, for the preparation of the classic shawarma chicken will need the following ingredients - a large Armenian lavash, cabbage, chicken, carrots in Korean, cucumber and tomato, dill, red onion, salt and spices.In this recipe, use sour cream sauce with garlic and parsley.For its preparation should be mixed in a blender peeled cloves of garlic with sour cream, salt, black pepper and chopped parsley.The sauce should have a uniform consistency.

# 6

Red salad onions advisable to marinate in vinegar, sugar and salt, a few hours before cooking shawarma home, cut into thin rings.You should also take care of preparing the chicken.You can bake it in the oven, wrapped in foil or multivarka.The finished meat separated from the bones and divide into small pieces.Shred cabbage into thin strips, add salt and mash your hands to stand out juice.Carrots in Korean can be purchased in advance at the store or cook yourself.Cucumbers and tomatoes should be cut into thin slices.Dill should be chopped finely with a knife.On a sheet of shawarma spread the sauce evenly lay out all the ingredients in a small amount and tighten Shawarma roll.Before serving, fry the roll on a dry frying pan.

# 7

Vegetarian option shawarma consists of herbal ingredients - lettuce, carrots, cabbage, onions, pickled mushrooms.As a sauce uses ketchup, made by itself or store-bought.Dietary preparation shaurmy embodiment consists of low-calorie products such as chicken breast used baked without oil, and the presence in the composition of mayonnaise sauce excluded.It is also recommended to increase the amount of vegetables in the composition, and low-fat sour cream to lubricate the pita bread, mixed with herbs, garlic and spices.As a food ingredient for the preparation of shawarma, you can use beef, sausages or smoked meat.