How to make the house rolls " Philadelphia"

How to make the house rolls :
You will need:
  • cheese "Philadelphia"
  • Salted salmon
  • Avocado
  • Seaweed Nori
# 1

Sushi and rolls - traditional Japanese dishes, widely spread aroundthe world and enjoys extraordinary popularity.The first assessed the merits of these foods Americans, who also created their own variations of the preparation of rolls, which were named in the part of the states in the country - "California", "Philadelphia".Just a few years ago, these rolls can be enjoyed only in the Japanese restaurant, but today many housewives have mastered the technique of preparation of rolls "Uramaki" (rice outside, inside out, so to speak).For those who do not know how to make the rolls at home, you can provide detailed instructions of this process.More should stay on recipe rolls "Philadelphia", which gourmets like for a delightful combination of salmon and cream cheese.

# 2

The name rolls "Philadelphia" borrowed from one of the main ingredients - soft cream cheese, originally from America.Talking about how to mak

e rolls at home, it should be clarified that the alternative of "Philadelphia" can serve as a less expensive and more affordable counterparts - curd cheese "Almette", "Milkana", "Buka" and others.You will also need either salted fish of the salmon family - salmon or trout.The fish can pickle your own or buy at the store gotovsq-to-eat product.It should also be available in a special department of the supermarket more necessary ingredients to cook rolls "Philadelphia" - Nori seaweed, rice vinegar, sushi rice, sauce with wasabi, pickled ginger, soy sauce.The composition of the rolls is advisable to introduce one more ingredient - ripe avocado.

# 3

Narrating about how to make the rolls at home, should be noted that instead of a special rice for sushi, you can use a regular round Krasnodar Fig.The main thing is that it is not steamed, and was it a round shape.Thus, the process of preparation of rolls "Philadelphia" should start with the preparation of rice.Cereals (250 gr.) Soak in cold water for half an hour and then rinse until the water drains off is clear.If the house has a modern technological device - multivarka, you can cook rice with it.It is enough to put in a bowl of rice and cover with water in a ratio of 1 part rice and 2 parts water.Cooking on the "Buckwheat" mode to automatically turn off the device.You can cook the rice in the traditional way - in a conventional pan.In this case, rice spread in a pan, fill with water.

# 4

ratio of rice and water in this case is the following - 1 part cereal to 1 1/5 parts liquid.Bring water to a boil on maximum heat, then Bates heat to low and cook for 15 minutes without opening the lid.Ready rice should pour rice vinegar, mixed with sugar and salt.At 250 grams.dry rice takes about 100 ml.vinegar.The fluid is required to dissolve a tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of salt, when heated.Drizzled with vinegar rice should shift into a deep bowl and leave to cool to room temperature.It should address the processing of other ingredients for the rolls "Philadelphia" At this time.Avocados must be washed, cleaned, cut in half.Remove the bone, situated inside the vegetable, and cut into cubes.

# 5

trout or salmon should be cut into thin slices, square sheets of nori cut in half.We must now prepare the necessary "tools" for making rolls.Bamboo mat is required to wrap with cling film, and in a small bowl pour a little rice vinegar to wet hands.So, on a mat to put half a sheet of nori, shiny side down.Hands moisten with vinegar and put it on the surface of the required amount of rice nori and spread over the surface evenly, flattening fingers.It is necessary to step back from the edge of the nori 1 cm., And on the opposite side, on the contrary, to step up to 1 cm. Cover the rice-free part of the mat, hands trample and turn so that the nori sheet was on top, flatten the mat.

# 6

The center strip of nori put cottage cheese and a teaspoon of avocado wedges.With the help of the mat wrapped neat and tight roll straighten mat.Now we need to spread a layer of fish on the mat and then roll the same way to wrap the fish was on top.Cling film, it does not need to be removed, to be placed in the refrigerator roll to pour directly into the film.It is important to make the roll tight, using tamping mat when minimized.The cooled roll "Philadelphia" should be cut into equal slices and arrange on platter.Serve rolls, traditional soy sauce, Japanese horseradish wasabi and pickled ginger.Dinner is recommended rolls with chopsticks, dipping in soy sauce and wasabi lubricating.Snack dish pickled ginger.Bon Appetit!