How to make marmalade gelatin ?

How to make marmalade gelatin ?
You will need:
  • Fruits
  • Sugar
  • Gelatin
  • Cinnamon
# 1

The history of the popular sweets - jelly, has for hundreds of years, and for the first time this sweet dessert prepared Greekswhich evaporated juice of quince, apples, apricots in the sun for several days.Then special gelling additives has not been invented, so to prepare marmalade used only fruits rich in pectin - a natural "binder" material capable of providing the necessary consistency of the dish.To make marmalade from other fruits, they were crushed and mixed with apple or quince puree.Invented in the nineteenth century, gelatin greatly expanded assortment of different jellies and marmalades, which can now be prepared from a variety of fruits, berries, juice, and even dairy products.

# 2

Gelatin - gelling agent derived from boiled joints, bones and hides of cattle.Despite the industrial production of this product, it can be considered a natural and healthy.The systematic use of marmalade containing gelatin, will not only sat

isfy your cravings for sweets without harm to the figures, but also to strengthen nails, bone, hair, teeth.In modern shops offer a wide range of marmalade, different in composition, cost, appearance, consistency.However, the hostess, who know how to make marmalade at home, have the opportunity to prepare this delicious dessert made from natural products without chemical additives and flavor enhancers.As a result of simple manipulations can get a tasty and healthy delicacy for the entire family.

# 3

In answering the question - how to make marmalade with gelatin, can cause a variety of fruits and berries, which could serve as a basis for the preparation of this delicacy.In any case, the process begins with the preparation giving texture puree fruit selected type, whether citrus, apples or plums.Fruit weight have to be homogeneous, without lumps, so the fruit is first forced through a sieve or crushed in a blender, and then filtered through a layer of gauze.The amount of sugar for the preparation of marmalades may be varied depending upon the desired density of the finished product.To obtain a dense mass-like chewy sweets, it is advisable to add a little more sugar than the volume of mash.Gelatin in an amount of 20-50 grams.soaked in cold water for half an hour.

# 4

To prepare the classic marmalade, whose texture is dense, but jelly, sugar should be taken at a rate of 1/3 of the volume of fruit puree.When choosing fruits for making marmalade, it is recommended to give preference to the most mellow, even slightly overripe fruit.In this case, the puree will be more dense and uniform than from immature fruits.The most suitable types of raw materials for the creation of marmalade are quince, apples, currants, gooseberries.Apple or quince baked whole in the oven or microwave, and then rubbed through a sieve, removing the skin and bones.Berries without adding water boiled at low heat, and then pulverized in a blender.Add marmalade and spice flavor, you can use flavors - cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, lemon peel.

# 5

If as a basis for marmalade selected citrus fruits, it is advisable to use the juice of these fruits for further gelling.The next step is the preparation of marmalades, mashed boiled on the fire, placing in a pan with a thick bottom.Thus, the smaller volume of liquid in the pan, the faster it is boiled and the obtained useful marmalade.During boiling, the mass must be constantly stirring, until the mixture becomes viscous.Now you need to turn off the heat and pour the gelatin into marmalade.It is believed that enough mashed boiled down, if not a drop of marmalade spread on a plate and on the surface of the mass is not deepening, if you hold your finger on it.Many experienced housewives make marmalade from seasonal fruits and closed for the winter in sterilized jars.

# 6

Returning to the preparation of jelly, it should be noted that when the weight of the fruit has gained the necessary consistency, it should be poured into a flat dish with borders, the layer thickness in this case may be 3-4 cm. It can be tin candy, spillon small molds for chocolate or ice, for example.After cooling the mixture, it is necessary to place it in the refrigerator to solidify.Usually marmalade "grasped" in 2-3 hours.As a result, should get a thick, jelly-like product that should roll in granulated sugar and serve with tea or used for dessert as a treat.This marmalade contains only natural ingredients, so it can give even the kids.Bon Appetit!