How to cut the cheese : the information for the curious

How to cut the cheese : the information for the curious
You will need:
  • cheeses of different varieties
  • knives and tools for cutting
  • plate
  • fruit
  • nuts
  • honey
# 1

cheese was invented in ancientantiquities.Once people saw that the milk left in the sun turns into a dense pieces.And there was the very first primitive process of making cheese.Cheese is certainly a useful and tasty product.To date, the production of cheese has leaped forward and almost reached perfection.This product is extremely kind and variety.To obtain a high-quality cheese it is necessary special attitude towards it.Cheesemaking by making him "take care" of him as a baby.Each type of cheese requires a certain feeding and cutting.Before you cut the cheese, it is necessary to know what species it belongs to, and a tool for this.Well, firstly, that the cheese is fully opened its fragrant bouquet and flavor, it should be an hour before slicing lay out of the refrigerator compartment.The temperature of the cheese before serving should be at least 18 degrees.

# 2

Cheese cut into medium-sized cubes rectangular or square shape.Each brusochek must have one hand cheese crust.In order to cut the cheese has a distinctive color and taste typical of this type, it is necessary to know how to store cheese and adhere to the required temperature.Cheese before serving, spread on a plate in the following order: first, the most soft and tender, and then a savory cheeses.Each type of cheese to be sliced ​​its corresponding tool.Most hard cheeses not cut and split by means of a short sharp knife blade.This knife is simply inserted into the middle of a cheese and separates it into the different slices.This fragility is different Italian cheese "Permezan".This cheese "Parmesan" is produced only in the Italian provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, and so they know firsthand how to make cheese from milk.Here such, chopped slices and served hard and brittle cheese on the table.

# 3

For slicing hard cheeses using a sharp knife with a smooth blade.Cheese, a very soft and gentle, so they cut with a special sharpened strings.Blade-string when cutting this variety of cheese helps to cut it smoothly and to preserve its structure.Particularly soft cheeses are cut by a perforated and corrugated knives.These tools help to avoid sticking to the cheese knife surface.For example cheesemakers who know how to make cheese curds understand that this is a very mild grade and cut it will be necessary with the help of the above knives.A shift to the dish curd cheese, you can use a special spatula.When all the slices, slices and wedges of cheese are cut, they must be put on a beautiful dish.Garnish with cheese can be sliced ​​fruit, mint leaves and nuts.And as the "sauce" for cheese, you can use floral, liquid honey.This cheese plate will not only be a wonderful decoration of the festive table, but amazingly delicious and tender delicacy.