How to pickle salmon caviar ?

How to pickle salmon caviar ?
You will need:
  • Gorbuscha
  • : salt
  • Olive oil
  • Sieve
  • Spices
# 1

Prepare the brine.To do this, you must take water in the following proportions: three liters per kilogram of salmon caviar.With regard to salts, it will in this case only one kilogram.Water is brought to a boil, add salt to.All is stirred until complete dissolution.

# 2

If you want to add spice to the dish is ready, you can add a little spice and brine pokipyatit him for a few minutes.Since the pickle salmon caviar needed so that the result could only rejoice, you need a responsible approach to all stages of the work.Especially it concerns the preparation of the most eggs in particular, its washing.

# 3

preferred to deal with a product having a complete, undamaged surface.In this case it will be enough plain water from the tap.Otherwise, the process is a bit complicated.If you use plain water and then, shell eggs will lose strength.

# 4

In order to avoid this, the water will have to be replaced with brine, pre

pared at the rate of 50 grams of salt per liter of water.In the process of washing in the total mass of eggs may come across whitish balls - is empty eggs.They need to be removed.Before pickle salmon caviar, should decide how to separate eggs from the film.

# 5

The fact is that this process requires a special approach.Remove the tape without damaging the eggs - a fairly laborious task.One of the options - use the standard sieve whose cells are at least twice the size of the eggs.The film need to strut, twist, put on a sieve grate and gently rub until all the eggs are not separated.

# 6

resulting salmon caviar pour brine.It is important that the temperature in this case was not high.The hot liquid can turn eggs in unsightly appearance mess.Keep eggs in brine for too long does not make sense.It is only one hour.Thereafter, the caviar is shifted in a colander or sieve..

# 7

desirable to leave her there an hour and a half to excess fluid can drain well.The finished caviar added a little olive oil.This will prevent the sticking of eggs.Caviar closes in sterilized jars.Store the finished product should be in a cool place, protected from sunlight