How to cut the meat on New Year's table ?

How to cut the meat on New Year
You will need:
  • Cutting board and knife
  • dishes for serving
  • Meat cutting
  • Fantasy
# 1

Determine the types of meat, which will be cut to the New Year's table.This may be a salmon, ham, boiled tongue, ham, bacon, various types of smoked and cooked sausages.It will be appreciated that it may be a problem with the boiled tongue and certain types of cooked sausages.Meat, beautifully sliced ​​and served with, should maintain its appearance for a long time.Slices of the tongue to the middle of the feast tend to become weather-beaten, darken and become quite unsightly.The way out of this situation is the cooling of the language in the broth.Cooked sausages for the same reason, you should use the freshest.

# 2

There are several ways how to cut meat.Community - cutting into thin slices, which are then laid out on a plate in a circle.It looks very impressive on the plate set of several types of meat - cuts.On New Year's Eve is also very popular cutting option, where the meat is combined with

a variety of cheeses.The basic rule for serving - the dish should look in the future when applying for a table.

# 3

Observe the so-called rule of three colors when you make food products should be used at least three different colors.Furthermore, the number of colors must always be odd.An example of such a combination may be a dish consisting of chopped smoked sausage and cheese laid out on lettuce leaves.

# 4

brisket, ham and salmon perfectly decorate New Year's table and are well suited for the creation of "envelopes".Thinly sliced ​​piece of wrapped tube into which it is embedded filling of cheese, and then fastened with a toothpick.Slices of sausage or meat can also be simply folded in half or in a tube, then put in a circle on a plate.From the very thinly sliced ​​pieces of jewelry can be made in the form of roses, which are located in the center of the plate.

# 5

Do not forget also about such an element as a decoration herbs and vegetables.Boards of meat and sausages are usually laid on lettuce leaves, slices of meat interspersed with sliced ​​vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots).It looks spectacular combination of black and green olives with different types of meat.

# 6

Often plate for serving sprinkled with black pepper and red paprika.Sprig of herbs (parsley or dill) will almost always out of place when applying different types of meat, but not sausages.Be creative with cutting and serving meat to the New Year's table, the main thing - to dish looked attractive and looked at the festive table.