How to pickle eggplant ?

How to pickle eggplant ?
You will need:
  • Eggplant
  • salt water
  • Garlic dishes
  • Carrots, parsley
  • Pepper thread
# 1

So, the first way to pickle eggplant onwinter - with garlic.To do this, select the vegetables are not too large.For a start they need to be thoroughly cleaned, because all sorts of dirt can lead to rotting.Washed vegetables are blanched in boiling brine (its preparation is necessary to dissolve 500 grams of salt in 10 liters of water) for 5 minutes.Then the vegetables are cooled in cold water and squeeze to remove excess water.

# 2

Before eggplant pickle for the winter, they need to be cut.Cut them in half lengthwise.But we must not be cut until the end, and so that the cut does not reach the stem.Inside cut eggplants need to add previously depressed garlic.After that, cut the halves are pressed tightly, eggplant stacked in cooked dishes for salting.Content covered with a cloth and a small metallic circle.Napkin necessary to prevent the penetration of the metal elements in the vegetables.On top

of a metal mug fit load - will suit the usual stone impressive size.Then, all the brine is poured, which consists of 400 grams of salt and 10 liters of water.It is also possible to use another method - carrots.How to pickle eggplant with carrots?The process of preparing vegetables is similar to that described above.But for salting takes no garlic, and carrots.To pickled eggplant was delicious, boiled carrots previously.

# 3

For salting need to cook a vegetable stuffing.To do this, cut into small pieces washed beforehand ingredients: pepper, garlic and carrots.Eggplant also need to blanch, then made their previously prepared stuffing "stuffing."Then it is necessary to fix the freeze eggplant every thread.All the vegetables are placed in a bowl for the salting and heavy load pressed.For the brine used tomatoes that do not pass "face control" for the preparation of other dishes.Tomatoes are crushed, the juice you need to make more vivid taste.This is usually used bay leaf.A month later eggplants are ready for use.In the process of salting is necessary to make sure that the top was not mold, and periodically wipe-pressing circle.