How to pickle bacon ?

How to pickle bacon ?
You will need:
  • bacon 1 kg
  • ground black pepper
  • salt, garlic, bay leaf
  • jar 1 liter.
# 1

Take a piece of bacon around with the proportions 50/50 fat and meat.Thoroughly washed under running warm water, cleanse the skin with a sharp knife, but do not remove it, give bacon dry.Cut the bacon pieces, about the size of 8h5h4 see. In a separate dish, mix the salt and pepper, you can immediately into this mixture add finely chopped garlic (do not use the spadefoot), garlic can then be separately added, the taste of the mixture may include coriander whole.

# 2

Slices of bacon on all planes, including the skin, rolled in salt and pepper.An important point in this process is how to pickle bacon, so it was not too salty, since the meat in bacon can absorb a lot of salt.In turn, the fat will not take a lot of salt.To this mixture in pepper necessary to add salt in the amount necessary for the preparation of other conventional food.Before laying the surface with pieces of bacon shake off exces

s salt - on the eye.

# 3

At the bottom of the banks laid the bay leaf, sprinkle with garlic.Densely laid slices of bacon on the entire surface of the bottom of the banks (the first layer), sprinkle with garlic, put a few bay leaves, garlic, sprinkle again, tightly laid a second layer of bacon and so on to the neck of the jar.On top sprinkle with the bacon mixture of salt, pepper and garlic in a small amount, close kapron dense cover and put in the fridge.After about a day in the bank with bacon produced brine to be drained periodically.

# 4

before eating bacon pickles carefully cleaned of salt, a small amount of pepper can be, cut into thin slices, put on a plate as a separate dish, add the green onions, parsley, dill.Bacon should be cooled before use, it is possible even for a short time to put in the freezer.In addition, the bacon can be part of other dishes, for example, as a component of a cabbage.Bon Appetit!