Encourage your children to eat right

Encourage your children to eat right
You will need:
  • Diet
  • Patience
  • Care
  • Cash
# 1

Every question concerning our children is very important.So let's learn how to eat right for children?Firstly, make power modes for weekdays and weekends.Sometimes, going from everyday life for the holidays or vacations for school, we tend to lose consistency in diet and eating habits.But if you maintain a certain structure in the child's diet, you can control better what he eats.You will always be able to determine when to allow children to snack something useful, and when to say what they have to wait for dinner.

# 2

Turn mode two snacks and one dessert between meals.In this case, it is very important to decide on what to eat your children.Distinguish between a snack and dessert: only one of these three cases may be sweet.For snacks, choose something small in size, but rather the nutritional composition of proteins and carbohydrates.The use of salty or sweet snacks as not benefit your child's appetite, but only spoil his taste prefere

nces.It is better to use a healthy mix of protein foods with small inclusions of sweets.I think it can be yoghurt - tasty product, rich in protein.Try as cheese and crackers or yogurt with muesli and nuts (of course, if the child is not allergic to these foods), or whole grain bread with a piece of boiled meat.

# 3

Encourage your children to drink bottled water (it may be slightly sparkling).You may need to add to the water sweet juices, such as cranberry or apple, or grenadine syrup to form a new healthy habit in children.However, remember that drink a lot of soda is harmful, especially before eating.Overall clean sparkling water is better than a glass of a sweet syrup rich in fructose.

# 4

Remember that the child requires "work up" the appetite.Let your child only a small piece of bread and butter, while he is waiting for the main meal.Choose whole wheat bread, if possible.Observe sufficient time between meals, it is a useful thing to do for your child's health.

# 5

Do you want to teach children to eat, for example, to eat vegetables?Do not forget about the importance of diversity and taste the different ways of cooking.

# 6

Involve children in shopping and cooking.Ask them for advice, what to buy, and allow them to choose the favorite foods when you go to the store.You will find that when children themselves are buying healthy foods, to achieve the desired result becomes much easier.