How to write an autobiography for custody ?

How to write an autobiography for custody ?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • Paper
# 1

Experts say that be an autobiography in the free form, but the number of words should not exceed the standard sheet volume A4, if necessaryno more than two.In his autobiography, traditionally you need to reflect the vital milestones from birth to the moment of writing the biography.In addition, this document should be made to the basic data on relatives: parents, spouses, children.

# 2

However, this brief.How to write an autobiography for guardianship so as to obtain a positive response, known experts in the field.By their advice, and it is necessary to listen.First, let's understand what's autobiography is one of the key documents that require and carefully consider the guardianship authorities.In this connection, it is recommended to treat the process of writing his autobiography with a full understanding of the seriousness of the event begins, including in the implementation of ideas about how to arrange custody of the disabled.

# 3

present the necessary data can be on hand today as a ballpoint pen black or blue, and with the help of technical devices: a computer or typewriter.Experts say better position document, printed on paper, because it looks neater and easier to read any employee of the guardianship.As a consequence, it will be the first plus in the treasury on the way to the goal, that is, to the knowledge of how to arrange the custody of his grandmother, for example.

# 4

As already stated, the document itself may be written in free form, but must necessarily contain the necessary items.In the beginning, you need to write your own Name, Last Name, to reflect the date and place of birth, record information about the parents, including their Full name and profession.

# 5

In the event that grandparents are thinking about how to arrange custody of his grandson, they will have to indicate in his autobiography, places of learning and recall of what they had to do in his early childhood.In addition, the autobiography is required to reflect the presence or absence of vocational education, military service and work with dates of admission and discharge.

# 6

Assuming the possibility and conditions of how to arrange custody of incapacitated, each must indicate in his autobiography, marital status, number of children, with their data, place of work potential guardian.At the end of his autobiography worth noting the presence of awards, as well as specify the passport data, put the date of writing and signature.