How to write an appeal to the deputy ?

How to write an appeal to the deputy ?
You will need:
  • stationery
  • collection of normative acts of the current legislation
  • paper
# 1

Some believe that there is the use of writing a letter to the deputy.It is necessary to give a small clarification.On the territory of any constituency are registered and operate, performing the duties of the people's representatives, three deputies of different levels.This, above all, the deputy of the local (city or district) Council.Next is the deputy of the regional Assembly (or regional) level, and then - the deputy of the State Duma of Russia.Any one of them is obliged to respond to voter appeal.

# 2

will understand now how to write an appeal to the deputy (sample shown).It is written in the same way as, say, the prosecutor's office or the management company.That is, in the upper right corner is filled with so-called "cap".It consists of a reference to the deputy (surname, first name and full name of his deputy "posts", for example, Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov, a deputy of the Ivanovo City

Council of Deputies).Further, if desired, you can write the address of the receiving MP.And then completely filled with information about the applicant (name and home address can be the passport data).

# 3

That is, it is the same thing as to write a letter to the official.Further, in any form presents a request (or demand, that's who you like).For example, "management company so and so for such and such a time does not ensure the supply of water in my apartment at the above address."But more needs to be reasoned explanation of why the applicant believes that the company HCS wrong.That is, it will have to dig into the regulatory framework in order to have proof of his innocence.It is advisable to refer directly to the article and points of law.

# 4

At the end of the application and the signature of a number.Thus, the reference to MP ready.The following apply to the reception of the deputy, to register his address there and put down the number of incoming documents on the second instance of appeal, which remains with the applicant.Now, within one month of the applicant should be given a reasoned reply.In special cases, the answer must be given within 15 days.However, this does not mean that the deputy immediately provide necessary assistance in solving the existing problems.

# 5

Therefore, just as if it would be a complaint to the administration, it is better to err.Learn by filing formal urban or regional newspaper schedule of reception of citizens that the deputy (the same information is available in its reception).And sign up for a personal appointment.To present all the information to be calm and confident.If the city does not help the deputy - should be addressed to the regional people's choice, and so on.This does not mean that we should stop writing to other instances.The main thing - to competently present their request and motivate their case.