How to enter into a contract of insurance ?

How to enter into a contract of insurance ?
You will need:
  • Care
  • Ability to analyze information
  • Knowledge of legislation on insurance
# 1

contract is concluded with the consent of both parties.The form of its execution must comply with legal requirements.The contract shall be in writing, signed by the parties involved in it and sealed the necessary seals and stamps.

# 2

In compiling the property insurance contract the parties must be reached agreement on the insurance object (a specific property) of the insured event and the nature of the sum insured, as well as the period of validity of the contract.In drawing up the personal insurance contract must be reached on the face of the agreement to be insured, the insured event and its nature, the period of validity of the contract, as well as the size of the sum insured.At the conclusion of the contract the insured must inform the insurer of all the information relevant to the transaction.For example, in personal insurance - the state of health of the insured, whether mental illn

ess is suffering, etc.

# 3

Before you enter into a contract of insurance, the insurance company has the right to assess the insurance risk, while property insurance -.. Look at it andeven subjected to examination, if he is not sure of its value.

# 4

The insurer has no right to disclose the information received from the insured, the insurance they are secret.

# 5

The insurance contract, unless otherwise provided, shall take effect from the time of payment of the first premium.

# 6

If the law or the contract were not provided for the other, the insurer shall be exempt from payment of money if the insured event occurred to cause radioactive contamination, nuclear explosion, strikes, military actions.In property insurance the insurer is released from the obligation to pay cash in the event of arrest, confiscation or destruction by order of his government bodies.

# 7

Before you make a contract, carefully review the legislative framework of the insurance activities.Do not spare the time for it, because the information obtained may save you from many mistakes and help you avoid unexpected losses.